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Category: SODA ICE CREAM BREAD BEER DELIVERY (33 records) Archive: Single Owner Estate Hat Collection Public Auction - June 11, 2005, 10:00 A.M.

Item Description Price
26Four 7-Up Driver Hats and One Shirt, the first mid-1940s, green cotton, black patent leather visor, bamboo frame, wear to side and back rim, OL 8.25" x OW 6.5"; the second 1950s, green wool, black patent leather visor, cardboard frame, area of loss to chinstrap, size 7 1/8; the third (OL 8" x OW 6.75") and fourth (size 7 1/8) c. 1960s, green cotton/wool blend, one w/stamp "Moultrie Georgia" to sweatband and the other w/rattan frame and extensive wear to sweatband; and a long-sleeve shirt w/large embroidered patch to back Est. 50-100 135.00
27Group of Three Pepsi Cola Delivery Driver Hats, all c. 1950; the first is blue wool, black leather visor, bamboo frame, some cracking to white leather chinstrap, OL 7.75" x OW 6.75"; the second is also blue wool w/black patent visor and bamboo frame, fading to fabric, OL 8" x OW 6.25"; the third is wool gabardine w/black patent visor and plastic frame, size 6 3/4 Est. 100-200 190.00
28Coca-Cola Delivery Driver Hat, c. 1930s, white w/green stripe gabardine, black patent visor, bamboo frame; OL 7.25" x OW 7.25"; deterioration to leather sweatband, discoloration to fabric and one or two small tears Est. 50-100 80.00
29Coca-Cola Delivery Driver Hat, c. 1950s, salmon cotton fabric w/green stripe, black patent visor, bamboo frame, stamped "Moultrie Georgia" on sweatband; OL 7.5" x OW 6.5" Est. 100-150 150.00
30Four Coca-Cola Delivery Driver Hats, all c. 1950, green wool w/bamboo or rattan frames, one hat w/silver metal chinstrap bears "Hart Uniforms" label; the third hat w/discolored band, the fourth w/worn sweatband Est. 200-250 180.00
31Hires Root Beer Delivery Driver Hat, "Drink Hires" cloth patch, white cotton w/black leather visor, gold cotton band, c. 1955-60, woven frame; deterioration of leather sweatband and discoloration of fabric Est. 40-90 120.00
32Three Coca-Cola Caps, all c. 1950s-60s; the first a red wool baseball cap; the second a cotton cap, salmon w/green stripes; the third a wool gabardine cap, tan w/green stripes, some loss to stitching on brim and some staining Est. 50-100 45.00
33Two Pepsi Hats, One Jacket, and Two Shirts, the first a 1950s blue heavy cotton w/ear flaps, baseball style cap; the second a 1960s visor hat, blue cotton, black patent leather visor, woven frame, some wear to leather sweatband; and 1 navy blue polyester blazer w/embroidered patch to pocket; a short-sleeve blue shirt w/2 patches to front and 1 large patch to back; and 1short-sleeve shirt of white cotton w/embroidered patch above left pocket, initials above left pocket, and large patch to back Est. 75-150 180.00
34Three Coca-Cola Hats, the first c. 1950s visor hat, white w/green stripe, black leather visor, bamboo frame, staining to fabric; the second a cap, white w/green stripe, c. 1940, overall staining; the third a visor type, c. 1950, tan w/green stripe, black patent leather visor, bamboo frame; some wear to sweatband, some spots to fabric Est. 75-150 110.00
34AGroup of Nine Coca-Cola Clothing Items, the first a tan w/green stripe jumpsuit w/embroidered patches to front and back; a white w/green stripe jumpsuit, patches to front and back; a green jacket w/patch to front and back; a green long-sleeve shirt w/patch to front and back; a tan w/green stripe short-sleeve shirt, patches to front and back; white long-sleeve shirt w/2 patches to front; tan long-sleeve shirt w/white stripes and black sleeves, 2 patches to front, embroidered name to shirt tail and patch to back; white w/green stripes long-sleeve shirt, patches to front and back; and finally a jacket of tan w/green stripes, cotton, patches to front and back Est. 100-200 180.00
35Two 7-Up Delivery Driver Hats and One Apron, both visor style; the first c. 1940s, green wool w/embroidered insignia, label of "Mid City Uniform Cap Co. Chicago;" the second c. 1950s, green cotton w/"Unitog" label, embroidered patch; and an apron of white cotton w/screen printed 7-Up logo Est. 100-200 90.00
53Good Humor Hat, handwritten name and date 1955 inside, blue wool, white patent visor and bamboo frame, "Good Humor" winged pin Est. 75-150 200.00
54Good Humor Hat, 1950s, white vinyl, black leather visor and bamboo frame, white braid chinstraps, "Good Humor" winged pin, interior label "A. Fiori Chester Pa.;" discoloration to vinyl, sweatband re-sewn Est. 75-150 140.00
55Two Good Humor Hats, both c. 1950s-60s visor types; the first blue cotton w/black patent visor, plastic frame, embroidered insignia; the second a white cotton hat w/interior label "The Hub Schneider's Oakland Calif.," straw frame, discoloration to cotton fabric Est. 50-100 200.00
56Group of Four Bread Delivery Driver Visor Hats, all c. 1950s; the first "Royer's Dutch Maid Bread" gray wool w/interior label "Rose Uniforms Inc. Newark, NJ;" the second "Maola" gray polyester, interior stamp "Tate Mfg;" the third "Adams Pan Dandy Baking Co.," gray-blue wool w/interior label "Sainthell Levine;" the fourth "Holsum" tan wool w/some moth damage and wear to inner leather band Est. 100-150 130.00
57Two Borden's Delivery Hats, the first c. 1930s, blue wool, leather visor, interior labeled "Browning, King, and Company;" the second c. 1950s, blue cotton, leather visor, bamboo frame, wear to bamboo band Est. 75-150 70.00
58"Bunny Bread" Delivery Driver Visor Hat, c. 1950s-60s, blue cotton, patent visor, interior w/"Harry Wender Uniforms New York;" some wear to band Est. 75-125 110.00
76Two Beer Delivery Items - Carlsberg, Miller, and Lowenbrau, the first a Carlsberg beer delivery visor cap, c. 1960, blue wool w/black visor, silk band, metal insignia, interior label "Jensen & Jorgensen;" and a long-sleeve tan shirt w/Miller and Lowenbrau embroidered patches Est. 100-150 110.00
77Gunther Beer Delivery Visor Hat and Jacket, brown wool w/black visor, c 1960s, embroidered patch insignia, jacket w/large patch insignia "Howard Uniform Co." label Est. 100-200 110.00
78Group of Four Beer Delivery Visor Hats, all 1960s; the first "Carling" gray cotton w/embroidered patch; the second "Dawson's" brown wool w/embroidered patch, interior leather sweatband is loose; the third "Gibbons" brown cotton w/embroidered patch, stains to fabric and loss to interior band; and the fourth "County Club" brown cotton w/embroidered patch, some stains to fabric Est. 100-200 225.00
79Two Beer Hats and a 1930s Gold Eagle Flat Top Beer Can, the first an Anheuser Busch beer delivery hat, visor type, c. 1940s, olive green w/leather visor and copper badge, metal chinstrap, snaps holding cap to band are not working; the second a Budweiser visor type, c. 1960s, w/interior "Unitog" label; the third an unopened 1930s gold eagle flat top Budweiser beer can Est. 150-250 250.00
80Buckeye Beer Delivery Hat, visor type, c 1960s, green cotton, patent leather band, plastic frame, embroidered patch, 8 point crown Est. 50-100 130.00
81Old Export Beer Delivery Hat, visor type, c. 1940s-50s, green herringbone, leather visor, "Old Export" embroidered onto fabric; hat has wear especially to front of visor Est. 50-100 30.00
81ABallantine Beer Delivery Driver, c. 1960, cap and shirt, tan cotton, hat w/3 ring logo embroidered patch, size 7 1/4, shirt w/name patch "Jerry," size 16 1/2, also includes 2 Ballantine Beer bottle openers (w/some rusting) and 6 cardboard coasters; several stitches in sweatband loose Est. 50-75 70.00
179Group of Four Bread Delivery Driver Visor Hats, c. 1950s; the first "Bost's Bread," white cotton w/staining, very worn sweatband; the second "Hartings Country Maid Bakery," grey wool; the third "Baur's Aunt Hannah's Bread," grey wool; the fourth "Whiterose," tan cotton w/some stained areas, 10 safety award badges Est. 100-150 200.00
180Two Bond Bread Delivery Hats, the first c. 1940s, white cotton w/circular enameled metal badge, discoloration to fabric; the second c. 1950, blue wool w/embroidered patch, "Lou Goldstein" label Est. 50-100 180.00
181Two Coca-Cola Soda Delivery Hats, the first late 1940s - early 1950s, white gabardine w/green stripes, logo embroidered onto hat, fabric w/stains and a small hole on crown; the second hat is salmon gabardine w/green stripes, c. 1960s, embroidered logo Est. 50-125 250.00
182Two Soda Delivery Hats, the first Canada Dry, c. 1940, olive green wool, gold embroidery onto fabric, manufactured by "Caleb V. Smith & Son;" the second visor a Royal Crown Cola delivery hat, c. 1950, steel grey cotton w/circular embroidered patch, deterioration to sweatband Est. 100-150 180.00
183Two Soda Delivery Hats, Cheerwine & Dr. Pepper, both c. 1960s; the first a Cheerwine, grey cotton w/black patent visor and "Lou Goldstein" manufacturer label; the second is Dr. Pepper, dark grey cotton w/embroidered patch Est. 100-150 325.00
184Two Sunbeam Bread Delivery Hats, the first c. 1950-60, dark grey wool w/embroidered patch, tear to sweatband; the second c. 1960-70, grey cotton hat, plastic frame, embroidered patch Est. 50-100 95.00
185Group of Six Dairy Delivery Hats, all visor type; the first Sealtest, green wool, c. 1940, some interior wear; the second Borden, in blue cotton, c. 1960; the third Maola, c. 1950-60, white cotton that has been patched; the fourth Hillcrest Dairy, c. 1950s, grey wool; the fifth Dixie Dairy, c. 1940, tan w/red trim, interior wear; and the sixth Cushmans, c. 1950s, black wool, interior wear Est. 100-200 190.00
186Merita Bread Delivery Driver Hat, c. 1960s-70s, brown wool cotton mix, black patent visor, embroidered patch, manufactured by "Hart Uniforms" Est. 50-100 80.00
187Group of Three Bread Delivery Driver Hats, the first c. 1950s "Taystee," white w/white visor and metal badge, manufactured by "Weber's Uniforms," fabric discolored; the second c. 1940 "Butterkrust," grey wool, embroidered patch, 2 safe driver pins, missing sweatband; the third "Rainbo," c. 1960s, steel grey cotton w/embroidered patch, interior manufacturer "Griffey Uniform Co." Est. 75-150 200.00

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