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Category: FINE ART (38 records) Archive: Historic Hillsborough Auction - Saturday, September 17, 2005, 9:30 A.M.

Item Photo Description Price
41 Two Handcolored Lithographs, one by John Gould (1804-1881) & H.C. Richter, the other by John & Elizabeth Gould,the first is "Cinclus Sordidus" from The Birds of Asia, printed by Hullmandel and Walton, 1850-1883, lithograph w/original hand-coloring, matted and framed under glass, SS 20"h x 13.25"w, DOA 28.25"h x 21"w, the second is "Swift (Cypselus murarius)" and "White-Bellied Swift (Cypselus Alpinus)" from the Birds of Europe, 1832-37, C. Hullmandel, lithograph w/original hand-coloring, matted and framed under glass, DOA 28.25"h x 21"w Est.300-500 275.00
42 Two Handcolored Lithographs by John and Elizabeth Gould,"Black Redstart (Phoenicura Tithys)", from Birds of Europe, 1832-37, printed by C. Hullmandel, lithograph w/original hand coloring, matted and framed under glass, SS 20"h x 13.25"w, DOA 28.25"h x 21"w; and the second is "Black-Bellied Water Ouzel (Cinclus Melanogaster)" from Birds of Europe, 1832-37, printed by C. Hullmandel, lithograph w/original hand coloring, matted and framed under glass, SS 20'h x 13.25"w, DOA 28.25"h x 21'w Est.300-500 275.00
50 Manner of Severin Roesen (American, 1815-1871), Still Life,unsigned, oil on canvas laid on board, still life of basket of fruit resting on wooden ledge, modern frame, SS 19.25"h x 23.25"w, DOA 24.25'h x 28.25"w Est.2000-3000 1300.00
85 Miniature Portrait of a Lady,watercolor after a portrait by J. Downman (R.A.), signed UL "F. McCarthy" (Florence McCarthy, identified by old paper label en verso), framed under glass, SS 3"h x 2.5"w, DOA 7.25"h x 6.5"w Est.200-400 250.00
106 George F. Ashton (British, 19th c.), Portrait of W.H. Williamson Esq.,depicts Williamson about to mount horse, two riders in distance, canvas retains paper label identifying sitter, artist initialed "G.F.A." and dated "1885" LR, period gilt composition frame w/Greek key and acanthus leaf motif, vertical tear above horse's head, SS 29.75"h x 24.5"w, DOA 40"h x 35.25"w Est.800-1200 2800.00
107 L. Benson (American, Early 20th c.), Fall Landscape,oil on canvas of tranquil early fall landscape w/the foliage just turning, dirt road in foreground leads viewer into the work, w/a small house and mountains visible in the distance, and a small pond in the foreground, hand carved gilt wood frame, old patch en verso, signed LR "LuBenson", SS 21.75"h x 29.75"w, DOA 26"h x 33.25"w Est.300-400 275.00
108 F. Ferruzza (20th c.), New England Winter Landscape,oil on canvas depicting the early morning light illuminating a small cabin buried amidst deep snow drifts along a meandering stream, very nice period gilt frame and hand carved wood frame in the Art Nouveau taste w/scrolls and floral motif, old patch along top of stretcher, signed LR "F. Ferruzza", SS 15.75"h x 19.5"w, DOA 21.5"h x 25.75"w Est.500-800 170.00
132 American School (19th/20th c.), Birches along Bank,oil on canvas, small cataract and pool alongside steep bank w/dense forest and silvery birches, unsigned, gilt composition over wood frame, SS 19.5"h x 15.5"w; DOA 25.5" x 21.5" Est.200-400 225.00
133 Attributed to Marius A. Hansen Skov (Danish, 1885-1964), The Hayfield,oil on canvas, depicts single figure standing in hayfield w/trees and rolling hills beyond, white washed walnut frame, unsigned, SS 17.5"h x 24.5"w, DOA 21.75"h x 28.75"w Est.400-600 200.00
134 Marius A. Hanson Skov (Danish, 1885-1964), Danish Farm House,oil on canvas, sunlit farm w/traditional thatch roof dwelling, figures and animals, hills beyond and hay bales in foreground, walnut frame, signed LR "M SKOV", SS 21 3/8"h x 26 1/8"w, DOA 27.5"h x 32"w Est.400-600 350.00
153 Lajos (Louis) Jambor (Hungarian, 1884-1955), Women in the Field,oil on canvas, noble large central female figure standing w/six women working in field beyond, suffused w/early evening light, signed LR "Jambor", relined, three small paint flakes, hand carved gilt wood frame appears to be original, SS 26.75"h x 21"w, DOA 34.75"h x 28.75"w; Provenance: this painting (along with lot 154) were purchased by the owner's grandfather in Budapest in the early 1920s, upon Jambor's arrival in the US he happened to strike up a friendship with the family and remarked that these two paintings were among his first oils, full family provenance available upon request Est.2000-3000 2900.00
154 Lajos (Louis) Jambor (Hungarian, 1884-1955), Women w/Hoe,oil on canvas, large central female figure w/hoe, man behind, low landscape w/winding river in the distance, suffused w/warm glow of setting sun, pencil inscription on top in Hungarian, probably original carved gilt wood frame, signed LR "Jambor", SS 26.75"h x 21"w, DOA 34.75"h x 29"w; Provenance: this painting (along with lot 153) were purchased by the owner's grandfather in Budapest in the early 1920s, upon Jambor's arrival in the US he happened to strike up a friendship with the family and remarked that these two paintings were among his first oils, full family provenance available upon request Est.2000-3000 2700.00
164 American School , Mid 19th c., Portrait of a Woman, oil on canvas, sitter identified on paper label en verso as Elizah Taylor and w/provenance of descent in family, Elizah is wearing a somber black gown w/lace collar and gold brooch, canvas w/gallery stamp en verso (New York), original gilt composition frame, old repair to canvas below top stretcher, centered, unsigned, SS 26.5"h x 21.5"w, DOA 35.75"h x 30.5"w Est.500-700 200.00
177 Camille Hilaire (French 1916-1988), "Paddock",oil on canvas, abstract rendering of two race horses w/jockeys in paddock, gilt gesso and composition frame w/linen matting, signed LR "Hilaire", SS 14.5"h x 17.75"w, DOA 22.25"h x 25.5"w Est.2000-3000 3000.00
178 Alfredo Palmero de Gregorio (Spanish, 1901-1991), Pair of Parisian Street Scenes,the first an oil on canvas view of a street corner w/figures clustered outside a "Agance Havas Tabac" storefront, inscribed LR "Montmartre Paris", and signed "Palmero", w/some paint flaking; the second an oil on canvas street scene w/flower vendors , signed LR "Palmero Paris"; both in matching hand carved gilt and gesso frames, SS 8.5"h x 11.5"w; DOA 15"h x 18"h Est.400-600 800.00
187 Francois Gerome (French b.1895), Place du Chatelet,oil on canvas, depicting well-dressed theatre patrons in the square w/theatre and fountain beyond, signed and inscribed LL "Fr. Gerome/ Pl. du Chatlet/Paris", Gerome, painting in the style of other lively French artist such as Antoine Blanchard and Edouard-Leon Cortes at the turn of the century, is well-known for his Parisian street scenes, gesso and gilt frame, SS 8.5"h x 11.5"w, DOA 14"h x 17"w Est.300-500 500.00
188 Louis Peyrat (French b.1905), Chapel in the Snow,oil on canvas, depicts quaint chapel in snowy landscape, signed LR "L. Peyrat", Peyrat known for his Parisian scenes and depictions of the French countryside, hand carved gilt and gesso frame; ss 7.5"h x 9.5"w and DOA 14.75" x 16.75". Est.300-500 475.00
200 Anthony Thieme (American 1888-1954), "The Loquat Tree", oil on canvas, canvas bears handwritten inscription "#1689 The Loquat Tree / The (Cumquat) Tree;" protective cardboard backing bears inscription "#1689 A. Thieme 'The Loquat Tree' 25" x 30" size Painted in St Augustine prior to 1954', gilt gesso and composition frame, signed LR "A.Thieme," a bright Florida scene with handsome homes and figures walking along a sun-dappled lane, demonstrates Thieme's characteristic use of splashes of red leading the viewer through the composition; SS 24.25"h x 29.25"w, DOA 33"h x 38"w Est.10000-20000 90000.00
233 American School, A Shepherd and His Flock, 19th c.,oil on canvas, shepherd and his flock walking down wooded track w/glorious sunset in the distance, appears to be original frame, two tears, illegible artist signature LR, SS 18.5"h x 29.5"w, DOA 28"h x 38"w Est.400-600 300.00
234 American School, Sheep in Landscape, 19th c., oil on canvas, lone wooly sheep standing in snowy wood, ornate period gilt frame, unsigned, SS 19.25"h x 15.25"w, DOA 29.5" h x 25.25"w Est.500-700 425.00
235 American School, Landscape w/Bridge, 19th c., oil on canvas, nave landscape w/river, bridge, and cottage, haystacks beyond, ornate period gilt composition frame, signed LL "A. Vose", SS 7.5"h x 11.5"w, DOA 15"h x 18.75"w Est.300-400 350.00
245 Francis Hopkinson Smith (New York, 1838-1915), Summer Stroll in Venice,depicts quiet square w/figures promenading along bragozzo filled lagoon, gilt composition frame under glass, signed LL "F. Hopkinson Smith", WS w/white highlights on paper, SS 13"h x 23.25"w, DOA 18.75" x 29.25"w Est.R.3500-4500 3000.00
246 French School, Parisian City Scape, 20th c., oil on canvas, view down steps towards street and across the cit, w/view of the Eiffel Tower and dome of the Pantheon in the hazy distance, difficult to decipher signature LR appears to be "C. Hamlin", artist's copyright stamp en verso canvas, hand colored original frame probably original, SS 38.5"h x 26.5"w, DOA 47"h x 35"w Est.500-700 300.00
247 French School, Sea Bathers, 20th c.,well dressed ladies and gentlemen under brightly colored umbrellas along sun drenched beach, handcrafted gilt and gesso frame, difficult to decipher signature on LL, SS 5.5"h x 11.5"w, DOA 11"h x 17"w Est.200-400 450.00
250 Lucien Joseph Fontanarosa (French, 1912-1975), Venetian Scene,oil on canvas, central stretcher inscribed "Palm Beach Galleries Palm Beach Florida USA Expo No 13.", view across water to St. Mark's Square, gondolas and sailboats in the foreground, signed and dated LR "Fontanarosa ' 61", unframed, SS 32"h x 46'w Est.3000-5000 5000.00
260 Tom Robertson (British, 1850-1947), "Gathering Driftwood",oil on canvas, depicts lone figure walking along coastline at dusk, signed "Tom Robertson" LL, retains "Los Angeles Fine Art Gallery" label en verso protective backing, frame retains Doic, Wilson, and Wheatley (Edinburgh) gallery label, very attractive gilt composition frame, SS 24"h x 29.5"w, DOA 35.5"h x 40.5"w Est.2000-3000 1500.00
269 Mary Ivins Cunningham, (Pennsylvania, 19th/20th c.), Pasture Through Trees,oil on canvas, cows in pasture visible just through a sun-dappled stand of trees, gilt composition frame w/some loss, signed LR "M.I. Cunningham", SS 23 5/8"h x 19.5"w, DOA 30"h x 26.25"w Est.R.800-1200 1300.00
270 Jaques Maroger (American, 1884-1962), "Chicken & Egg", oil on board, lone chick contemplating cracked shell, signed and dated LL "J. Maroger 1960", retains old gallery label en verso board, gilt gesso and composition frame; born in Paris, Maroger began his studies and then worked in several positions at the Louvre before emigrating to America in 1939 where he taught at the Parson's School of Design and later at the Maryland Institute of Art, known for his ability to replicate and apply paint as the Old Masters, DOA 13.5"x16.75" Est.300-500 750.00
309 Albert Stone (British, 19th c.), Wooded Landscape,oil on canvas, landscape w/hills and trees beyond, signed LL "A. Stone", ornate period gilt composition frame w/some loss, SS 6.75"h x 11 3/8"w, DOA 12.25"h x 17"w Est.300-500 425.00
310 Adelaide May Newhall (New Jersey, 1884-1960), Mountain Landscape,depicts red house in lush green valley at springtime, surrounded by rolling hills and blue mountains beyond, signed and dated LL "Newhall 1940", period wood frame, torn remnants of old label en verso, SS 11.5"h x 15.5"w, DOA 15.75"h x 19.75"w Est.300-500 75.00
328 Antonio Zoran Music (Italian, b. 1909), "Terres Adriatiques I,"etching in colors, retains NCMA label from North Carolina Collects, 10-29-1967, signed and dated 1959, framed under glass, SS 16.5"h x 22.75"w, DOA 25.5"h x 31.5"w Est.400-600 500.00
329 Attributed to Barbara C. Heedick (North Carolina, b. 1836), Primitive Country Landscape, oil on canvas, reportedly painted by Heedick (Hedick), born in Lincoln Co., NC and depicting a scene supposedly of Mary's Creek behind the Buck Fraley Farm, original ebonized composition frame w/gilt highlights, depicts a female figure w/two goats on forested cliff overlooking a waterfall w/mill on opposite bank, two men in 18th c. dress stand at base of cliff, crazing and four patched en verso , SS 15.5"h x 19.25"w, DOA 21.5"h x 25.5"w Est.500-700 250.00
350 Edwin Hayes (British, 1820-1904), Fisherman Entering Harbor,oil on canvas, depicting fisherman in small sailing vessel navigating the choppy waters of the harbor, small house along water's edge w/windmills and townscape visible in haze distance, signed LL "E. Hayes", modern gilt composition frame, three patches on verso, SS 19.75"h x 29.75"w, DOA 25"h x 35"w Est.R.3000-4000 3000.00
357 American School, 19th c., River Scene,oil on canvas, meandering river w/hay field on one bank, and two women on the opposite bank, appears to be original gilt composition frame (w/some restoration), one patch upper center, SS 13.5"h x 25.5"w, DOA 19"h x 31"w Est.300-500 1050.00
358 Walter H. Stevens (Tennessee, 1927-1980), "Ancient Quarry", gouache on paper, artist's abstract rendering, signed LR, matted and framed under glass, Walter Stevens was an art instructor at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) and member of the "Knoxville Seven", influential in bringing the study and appreciation of abstract expressionism to Tennessee (see Celia Walker's essay "A Century of Progress: 20th Century Painting in Tennessee in the Spring 2002 issue of the Tennessee Historical Quarterly), works in several public collections including the Birmingham Museum of Art, SS 23" x 18"; DOA 33.5" x 28" Est.200-400 800.00
374 Bernice Huntington (California, Mid 20th c.), Mountain Landscape, oil on canvas board, dramatic mountains rising from valley floor, scratch signature LL "Bernice Huntington", artist's copyright stamp en verso, date inscription "3/23/66", original wood frame, SS 11.5"h x 15.5"w, DOA 20.25"h x 24.25"w Est.300-400 190.00
375 European School, Yellow Floral Still Life, 20th c., Impressionist style still life of yellow roses in a blue vase, difficult to decipher signature LL appears to by "C. du Bois", ornate hand-carved gilt and gesso frame, SS 15 5/8"h x 11.5"w, DOA 22.75" x 18.75"w Est.100-200 190.00
376 Zerbo (European School, 20th c.), Choppy Waters,oil on canvas, Impressionistic treatment of choppy sea, w/sailboats and rocky out croppings in the distance, signed LR "Zerbo", ornate hand-carved gilt and gesso frame, SS 8.5"h x 11.5"w, DOA 16"h x 18.75"w Est.100-200 225.00

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