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Milligan Livestock

Item: 17
# of straws:10 straws
Semen Sire:Woody
Consignor:Milligan Livestock
Contact:Tommy Milligan (405) 880 - 0191
Location:Perry, OK
Comments:Woody is out of Genesis, which was owned by Lancaster’s. Genesis was the sire of the Grand wether at the 2014 State Fair of Oklahoma. Woody is a big patterned buck that his huge boned, tall fronted, massive hipped, wide chested and great balanced. The thought process behind his purchase was to help elevate our more moderate patterned does and not sacrifice bone, muscle and look. His picture was easy to capture and he is equally impressive in person. This is the last offering of Woody.
Notes:All straws of semen are sold as one lot, one price. Shipping is buyer’s responsibility. All semen is stored at Reproduction Enterprises (REI) in Stillwater, Oklahoma. All semen must be picked up or shipped from REI. Shipping costs are typically around $100 per shipment to most regions of the U.S.A. For actual costs, please call REI @ (405) 377-8037.
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