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Milligan Livestock

Item: 19
# of straws:10 straws
Semen Sire:8-Ball
Consignor:Milligan Livestock
Contact:Tommy Milligan (405) 880 - 0191
Location:Perry, OK
Comments:8-ball is an Animal x Tsunami bred buck from Gwartney. This was the most impressive wether buck prospect gathered from Gwartney’s in our opinion. As a two year old, he was equally as impressive as he was at 8 months of age. This guy is big racked, massively wide and flat in his loin with deep edges, great hipped and deep twisted. To compliment this, he is super cool in his look, tucked up in his chest, wide in his skeletal base and very hard handling and thin skinned.
Notes:All straws of semen are sold as one lot, one price. Shipping is buyer’s responsibility. All semen is stored at Reproduction Enterprises (REI) in Stillwater, Oklahoma. All semen must be picked up or shipped from REI. Shipping costs are typically around $100 per shipment to most regions of the U.S.A. For actual costs, please call REI @ (405) 377-8037.
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