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Milligan Livestock

Item: 23
# of straws:10 straws
Semen Sire:Joker
Sire:Money Bags
Consignor:Milligan Livestock
Contact:Tommy Milligan (405) 880 - 0191
Location:Perry, OK
Comments:Joker and Batman are the two buck kids that we retained from our first flush with Irene and Money Bags. Joker was always the more attractive, shallow chested, longer bodied, leveler designed of the two. He handles hard to the touch, thin in his hide, very wide at his center loin and big hipped and deep twisted. Joker has made some of the very best females at our farm and has been invaluable in his contribution. Very little semen has been offered on this guy and we hope that he finds his way into some progressive programs.
Notes:All straws of semen are sold as one lot, one price. Shipping is buyer’s responsibility. All semen is stored at Reproduction Enterprises (REI) in Stillwater, Oklahoma. All semen must be picked up or shipped from REI. Shipping costs are typically around $100 per shipment to most regions of the U.S.A. For actual costs, please call REI @ (405) 377-8037.
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