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House Nursery (TEXAS)
Date & Time: Tuesday-Thursday, November 18th-20th starting @ 9am (each day)
Location: 4097 U.S. 271
Tyler, TX 75708


Remember everyone this is a traditional auction with experienced Auctioneers and there is NOT online bidding available. You can register when you get here.Just have proper ID ,bank information or cash.

It's a beautiful day for an auction and two full days ahead of us.

The auction is happening now! You still have two days left to get here. There's plenty to be sold. Other equipment at the second location also. Come early or come late but don't miss it.
It's an opportunity of a lifetime.

Wednesday will be one of the best days for plant material.
Make sure you're here first thing in the morning.
Really attractive prices!!

Go to for the most up to date information

This is a wholesale style auctions.
Plants will be broken down into lots of 50-2,000.

Larger buyers will have an extension of 1 week to
pick up purchase.

due to future Real Estate ventures on the property

For questions on stock please call Susie House at 903-681-1577

250,000 +/- CONTAINERS
1, 3, 5, & 7 GALLONS

NOTICE: Not all equipment is represented in the list please utilize the photos on facebook where are POTTING MACHINES & ACCESSORIES including used pots.

250,000 plants...excellent quality ready to retail. Don't miss this auction. Everything goes. Loading available at a reasonable price. Trailers, potting machines, empty pots, shade cloths, hoop houses plus the inventory and 16 Kubota's, John Deere Gator, wagons.

Plants will be clean and protected from the cold air.

Plant material in Tyler and in multiple other locations. Some of it represented by samples..

Currently on location cataloging the auction, 724-988-9118.

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(Subject to change)

Make and Model Serial Hours
2005 Case 570MXT (tractor) G0303143 29552
ESS Corp (front end loader) 141473A1
Case 5210 (tractor) JEE0133128 92221
1994 Kubota L2350D (tractor) 56556 33058
Kubota L4150 (tractor) 40413 56767
1996 Kubota L2350 20820
New Holland TN55 (tractor) 11270
2002 Kubota L2600DT (tractor) 55037 28097
1998 Kubota L2500DT (tractor) 53584
1994 Kubota L2350DT (tractor) 56555
1997 Kubota L2350 (tractor) 21746 21139
1997 Kubota L2350D (tractor) 64465 56955
2000 Kubota L3000DT (tractor) 52766 41023
1997 Kubota M4700 (tractor) 20699 38233
Front end loader 2425QT 120123
1993 Kubota M4030 (tractor) 21662 18123
2002 Kubota L2600 (tractor) 55041 20178
Toyota Forklift 7FDU20 60914 17832
2009 Kubota L2800D (tractor) 65596 4895
2009 Kubota L2800D (tractor) 81288 12351
Volvo MC80B (skid steer loader) 179096
Case 480F (tractor) 15535 70584
Front end loader D146383
1991 Kubota L3250 (tractor) 10287 31737
Volvo MC90 (skid steer loader) 24621
Front end loader #11840165 100012


Azalea Formosa 4in FLAT 315 Brownsboro
Azalea Formosa Red 4in FLAT 270 Brownsboro
Azalea Fashion 4in FLAT 84 Brownsboro
Azalea George Tabor 4in FLAT 120 Brownsboro
Azalea Gerbing 4in FLAT 108 Brownsboro
Azalea Pride of Mobile 4in FLAT 40 Brownsboro
Holly Burford 4in FLAT 232 Brownsboro
Juniper Blue Point 4in FLAT 40 Brownsboro
Juniper Sea Green 4in FLAT 24 Brownsboro
Abelia Grandflora 3G 35 Brownsboro
Abelia Grandflora 5G 37 Tyler 50 Brownsboro
Abelia Grandiflora 7G 77 Tyler
Abelia Purple Rain 3G 13 Tyler
Abelia Purple Rain 7G 50 Tyler
Abelia Purple Rain 15G 12 Tyler
Abelia Rose Creek 3G 108 Tyler
Ajuga 2G 5 Tyler
Ajuga 1G 125 Tyler
Ajuga 4in Flats 1 Tyler
Althea TF 15G 10 Tyler
Althea 5G 15 Brownsboro
Arborvitae Dwf Gold 3G 4 Tyler
Aucuba 1G 28 Tyler
Azalea 1G 500 Brownsboro
Azalea 3G 635 Brownsboro
Azalea 7G 119 Brownsboro
Azalea Blaauws Pink 1G 130 Brownsboro
Azalea Christina 1G 100 Brownsboro
Azalea Christina 3G 80 Tyler
Azalea Christina 7G 148 Tyler
Azalea Christmas Cheer 1G 15 Tyler
Azalea Christmas Cheer 3G 2035 Tyler 30 Brownsboro
Azalea Christmas Cheer 7G 43 Tyler
Azalea Conversation Piece 1G 235 Tyler 390 Brownsboro
Azalea Conversation Piece 3G 1590 Brownsboro
Azalea Coral Bell 1G 1300 Tyler 200 Brownsboro
Azalea Coral Bell 3G 170 Tyler
Azalea Coral Bell 7G 38 Brownsboro
Azalea Delaware Valley 15G 25 Tyler 4 Brownsboro
Azalea Delaware Valley 1G 70 Tyler
Azalea Delaware Valley 3G 1950 Tyler
Azalea Delaware Valley 7G 450 Tyler 18 Brownsboro
Azalea Elsie Lee 3G 55 Tyler 80 Brownsboro
Azalea Fashion 1G 150 Brownsboro
Azalea Fashion 3G 50 Tyler 75 Brownsboro
Azalea Fashion 7G 19 Brownsboro
Azalea Formosa 45G 8 Brownsboro
Azalea Formosa 30G 15 Tyler
Azalea Formosa 15G 210 Tyler 4 Brownsboro
Azalea Formosa 1G 614 Tyler 14310 Brownsboro
Azalea Formosa 3G 1836 Tyler 1220 Brownsboro
Azalea Formosa 7G 170 Tyler 47 Brownsboro
Azalea Formosa Orange 7G 15 Tyler
Azalea Formosa Red 1G 60 Tyler 1565 Brownsboro
Azalea Formosa Red 3G 1990 Tyler 955 Brownsboro
Azalea Formosa Red 7G 125 Tyler
Azalea Formosa Red 30G 20 Tyler
Azalea George Tabor 1G 18430 Brownsboro
Azalea George Tabor 3G 1073 Tyler 1750 Brownsboro
Azalea George Tabor 7G 7 Tyler
Azalea Gerbing 1G 2990 Tyler 4095 Brownsboro
Azalea Gerbing 3G 1630 Tyler 856 Brownsboro
Azalea Gerbing 7G 442 Tyler 18 Brownsboro
Azalea Girard Rose 3G 100 Brownsboro
Azalea Gloria 3G 75 Tyler
Azalea Gloria 7G 32 Tyler
Azalea Gumpo Pink 3G 40 Tyler 144 Brownsboro
Azalea Gumpo White 3G 50 Tyler 490 Brownsboro
Azalea Gumpo White 7G 8 Brownsboro
Azalea Hershey Red 3G 220 Tyler
Azalea Hino Crimson 3G 1240 Tyler
Azalea Hino Crimson 7G 85 Tyler
Azalea Hino Crimson 15G 40 Tyler 4 Brownsboro
Azalea Hino Digiri 1G 165 Tyler 100 Brownsboro
Azalea Hino Digiri 3G 155 Tyler 300 Brownsboro
Azalea Hino Digiri 7G 35 Tyler
Azalea Hino Digiri 15G 35 Tyler
Azalea Hot Shot 1G 195 Brownsboro
Azalea Jennifer 3G 1610 Tyler
Azalea Jennifer 7G 5 Brownsboro
Azalea Judge Solomon 15G 15 Tyler
Azalea Judge Solomon 1G 129 Tyler 1550 Brownsboro
Azalea Judge Solomon 3G 1745 Tyler
Azalea Judge Solomon 7G 139 Tyler
Azalea Kate Arendale 3G 50 Tyler
Azalea Kate Arendale 7G 80 Tyler
Azalea Massasoit 1G 200 Tyler 50 Brownsboro
Azalea Massasoit 3G 240 Tyler 145 Brownsboro
Azalea Mildred 3G 40 Tyler
Azalea Mildred 7G 15 Tyler
Azalea Pink Pearl 3G 1180 Tyler
Azalea Pink Ruffle 15G 100 Tyler 12 Brownsboro
Azalea Pink Ruffle 3G 750 Tyler 130 Brownsboro
Azalea Pink Ruffle 7G 115 Tyler 14 Brownsboro
Azalea Pleasant White 1G 70 Brownsboro
Azalea Pleasant White 3G 100 Tyler
Azalea President Clay 1G 250 Tyler 150 Brownsboro
Azalea President Clay 3G 210 Tyler
Azalea President Clay 7G 160 Brownsboro
Azalea Pride of Mobile 30G 10 Tyler
Azalea Pride of Mobile 15G 3 Tyler
Azalea Pride of Mobile 1G 150 Tyler 3530 Brownsboro
Azalea Pride of Mobile 7G 118 Tyler 10 Brownsboro
Azalea Pride of Mobile 3G 2500 Tyler
Azalea Pride of Mobile Orange 15G 6 Tyler
Azalea Red Ruffle 3G 1013 Tyler 475 Brownsboro
Azalea Red Ruffle 7G 100 Tyler 170 Brownsboro
Azalea Rene Michelle 1G 140 Brownsboro
Azalea Rene Michelle 3G 38 Tyler 550 Brownsboro
Azalea Rene Michelle 7G 13 Tyler
Azalea Roberta 3G 6 Tyler 85 Brownsboro
Azalea Rosebud 1G 180 Brownsboro
Azalea Rose Red 1G 170 Brownsboro
Azalea Rose Red 3G 20 Tyler
Azalea Rose Red 7G 68 Tyler
Azalea Snow 1G 100 Brownsboro
Azalea Snow 3G 1000 Tyler 770 Brownsboro
Azalea Snow 7G 8 Tyler 30 Brownsboro
Azalea Snow 15G 50 Tyler
Azalea Tradition 1G 200 Brownsboro
Azalea Trouper 3G 50 Tyler
Azalea Wakaebisu 3G 109 Tyler 220 Brownsboro
Bamboo Black 7G 20 Tyler
Bamboo Golden 5G 9 Tyler
Bamboo Green Screen 7G 16 Tyler
Barberry Crimson Pygmy 1G 50 Tyler
Barberry Crimson Pygmy 3G 35 Tyler 225 Brownsboro
Barberry Rose Glow 1G 120 Brownsboro
Blueberry Rainbow Dwf 3G 8 Tyler
BottleBrush 3G 96 Tyler
Bottlebrush 5G 20 Tyler
Boxwood Cone 15G 3 Tyler
Boxwood Cube 15G 7 Tyler
Boxwood Globe 7G 1 Tyler
Boxwood Globe 15G 1 Tyler
Boxwood Jade Pillar 1G 500 Tyler
Boxwood Jade Pillar 5G 41 Tyler
Boxwood Japanese 3G 463 Tyler
Boxwood Japanese 7G 2 Tyler
Boxwood Wintergreen 1G 80 Tyler
Boxwood Wintergreen 3G 660 Tyler
Boxwood Wintergreen 7G 10 Tyler
Boxwood Wintergreen 30G 2 Tyler
Cactus Sticks on Fire 15G 1 Tyler
Camellia 1G 1600 Tyler
Camellia 3G 15 Tyler 10 Brownsboro
Camellia 7G 25 Tyler
Camellia Adrian 3G 725 Tyler 10 Brownsboro
Camellia Adrian 7G 117 Tyler
Camellia Apple Blossom 1G 240 Tyler
Camellia Bonanza 7G 16 Tyler
Camellia Cotton Candy 7G 8 Tyler
Camellia Dark Pink 3G 10 Brownsboro
Camellia Double Red 1G 320 Tyler
Camellia Double Red 7G 56 Tyler
Camellia Dr Tinsley 15G 9 Brownsboro
Camellia Hana Jiman 3G 140 Tyler
Camellia Hana Jiman 7G 80 Tyler
Camellia Hana Jiman 15G 2 Tyler
Camellia Kanjiro 1G 570 Tyler
Camellia Kanjiro 30G 5 Tyler
Camellia Kanjiro 3G 225 Tyler
Camellia Kanjiro 7G 110 Tyler
Camellia Kanjiro 65G 1 Tyler
Camellia Kramer Supreme 7G 180 Tyler
Camellia Kramers Supreme 3G 130 Tyler
Camellia Kumasaka 7g 100 Tyler
Camellia Leslie Ann 1G 450 Tyler
Camellia Leslie Ann 3G 445 Tyler
Camellia Leslie Ann 7G 23 Tyler
Camellia Morning Glow 7G 70 Tyler
Camellia Morning Glow 1G 130 Tyler
Camellia November 7G 19 Tyler
Camellia Pearl Maxwell 3G 35 Tyler
Camellia Professor Sargeant 7G 2 Tyler
Camellia Red 3G 280 Tyler
Camellia Setsugekka 15G 2 Tyler
Camellia Setsugekka 1G 210 Tyler
Camellia Setsugekka 7G 10 Tyler
Camellia Shi-Shi 15G 1 Tyler
Camellia Show No Saki 3G 50 Tyler
Camellia Snow 3G 15 Tyler
Camellia Sparkling Burgundy 1G 1150 Tyler
Camellia Sparkling Burgundy 3G 480 Tyler
Camellia Sparkling Burgundy 7G 20 Brownsboro
Camellia Taylors Perfection 3G 115 Tyler
Camellia Taylors Perfection 7G 200 Tyler
Camellia Winter Sunset 7G 11 Tyler
Camellia Yuletide 15G 4 Tyler
Camellia Yuletide 1G 40 Tyler
Camellia Yuletide 3G 60 Tyler
Camellia Yuletide 7G 190 Tyler
Cherry Laurel 15G 25 Tyler
Cherry Laurel 30G 1 Tyler
Cherry Laurel 45G 1 Tyler
Cherry Laurel 65G 1 Tyler
Cherry Laurel 95G 1 Tyler
Cinese Blueberry 1G 99 Tyler
Chinese Blueberry 3G 487 Tyler
Cleyera 15G 3 Tyler
Cleyera 1G 320 Tyler
Cleyera 3G 162 Tyler
Cleyera 30G 4 Brownsboro
Cleyera 7G 97 Tyler 50 Brownsboro
Cotoneaster 15G 3 Tyler
Cotoneaster 5G 174 Tyler
Crabapple Pink Profusion 30G 4 Tyler
Crepe Myrtle 3G 30 Brownsboro
Crepe Myrtle 5G 72 Tyler
Crepe Myrtle 15G 8 Brownsboro
Crepe Myrtle 30G 30 Tyler 27 Brownsboro
Crepe Myrtle 45G 3 Tyler 10 Brownsboro
Crape Myrtle Acoma 5G 9 Tyler
Crepe Myrtle Acoma 15G 45 Tyler
Crepe Myrtle Carolina Beauty 15G 16 Tyler
Crepe Myrtle Carolina Beauty 30G 65 Tyler
Crepe Myrtle Country Red 30G 1 Tyler
Crape Myrtle Country Red 65G 2 Tyler
Crepe Myrtle Dwf 30G 23 Tyler
Crape Myrtle Dwf Purple 5G 80 Tyler 100 Brownsboro
Crape Myrtle Dwf Purple 15G 28 Tyler
Crape Myrtle Dwf White 5G 20 Tyler 700 Brownsboro
Crape Myrtle Dwf Pink 5G 30 Tyler 110 Brownsboro
Crepe Myrtle Dwf 5G 250 Tyler
Crepe Myrtle Dynamite 30G 5 Tyler
Crape Myrtle Dynamite 65G 2 Tyler
Crape Myrtle Miami Pink 65G 2 Tyler
Crape Myrtle Miami Pink 30G 16 Tyler
Crepe Myrtle Muskogee 95G 7 Tyler
Crepe Myrtle Muskogee 15G 8 Tyler
Crepe Myrtle Muskogee 30G 92 Tyler
Crepe Mrtyle Muskogee 65G 22 Tyler
Crepe Myrtle Muskogee 7G 25 Tyler
Crepe Myrtle Natchez 15G 1 Tyler
Crepe Myrtle Natchez TF 15G 2 Tyler
Crepe Myrtle Natchez 7G 6 Tyler 40 Brownsboro
Crape Myrtle Pink 15G 1 Tyler
Crape Myrtle Pink 30G 2 Tyler
Crape Myrtle Pink 65G 5 Tyler
Crape Myrtle Dwf Purple 30G 6 Tyler
Crepe Myrtle Tuscarora 30G 2 Tyler
Crape Myrtle Tuscarora 7G 15 Tyler 100 Brownsboro
Crepe Myrtle Victor 7G 10 Tyler
Crossvine Tangerine 1G 300 Tyler
Crossvine Tangerine 3G 922 Tyler
Cypress Leyland 15G 24 Tyler 12 Brownsboro
Cypress Leyland 30G 4 Tyler
Cypress Leyland 5G 54 Tyler
Eleagnus 1G 140 Tyler
Eleagnus 3G 35 Tyler
Encore Autumn Amethyst 3G 125 Tyler 674 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Amethyst 7G 6 Tyler 11 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Amethyst 15G 4 Tyler 61 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Angel 30G 3 Tyler 10 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Angel 3G 20 Tyler 786 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Belle 3G 105 Tyler 694 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Belle 7G 2 Tyler 212 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Belle 15G 20 Tyler
Encore Autumn Bravo 3G 300 Tyler 647 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Bravo 7G 6 Tyler 30 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Carnation 15G 15 Tyler 50 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Carnation 3G 1668 Tyler 141 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Carnation 30G 5 Tyler 4 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Carnation 7G 7 Tyler 4 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Carnival 3G 140 Tyler 1774 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Carnival 7G 50 Tyler 358 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Carnival 15G 31 Tyler 42 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Cheer 3G 635 Tyler 1752 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Cheer 7G 36 Tyler 16 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Chiffon 3G 185 Tyler 28 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Chiffon 15G 3 Tyler
Encore Autumn Coral 3G 156 Tyler 76 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Coral 7G 77 Tyler 40 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Coral 15G 44 Tyler 19 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Debutante 1G 1 Tyler
Encore Autumn Debutante 3G 40 Tyler 253 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Debutante 7G 4 Tyler
Encore Autumn Debutante 15G 3 Tyler 2 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Embers 15G 20 Tyler
Encore Autumn Embers 3G 365 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Embers 7G 19 Tyler 21 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Empress 15G 3 Tyler
Encore Autumn Empress 3G 343 Tyler 497 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Empress 7G 45 Tyler
Encore Autumn Lilac 7G 3 Tyler
Encore Autumn Monarch 3G 980 Tyler 2013 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Monarch 7G 3 Tyler
Encore Autumn Monarch 15G 40 Tyler
Encore Autumn Moonlight 3G 2625 Tyler 1800 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Moonlight 15G 20 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Moonlight 30G 10 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Princess 3G 641 Tyler 1355 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Princess 7G 7 Tyler
Encore Autumn Princess 15G 18 Tyler
Encore Autumn Rouge 15G 17 Tyler 20 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Rouge 30G 4 Tyler
Encore Autumn Rouge 3G 207 Tyler 1256 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Rouge 7G 9 Tyler 80 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Rouge 15G 8 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Royalty 15G 11 Tyler 157 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Royalty 30G 3 Tyler
Encore Autumn Royalty 3G 26 Tyler 335 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Royalty 7G 140 Tyler 1800 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Ruby 3G 30 Tyler
Encore Autumn Sangria 15G 12 Tyler 7 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Sangria 30G 1 Tyler
Encore Autumn Sangria 3G 53 Tyler
Encore Autumn Sangria 7G 456 Tyler 149 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Sangria 15G 20 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Starlite 3G 2760 Tyler 81 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Starlite 15G 1 Tyler
Encore Autumn Sundance 3G 260 Tyler 352 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Sundance 15G 18 Tyler
Encore Autumn Sunset 15G 87 Tyler 12 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Sunset 3G 317 Tyler 1944 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Sunset 7G 325 Tyler 1375 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Sunset 15G 61 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Sweetheart 3G 6 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Sweetheart 7G 3 Tyler 10 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Sweetheart 15G 15 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Twist 15G 28 Tyler 59 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Twist 30G 2 Tyler
Encore Autumn Twist 3G 288 Tyler 782 Brownsboro
Encore Autumn Twist 7G 228 Tyler 127 Brownsboro
Encore Azalea 30G 6 Tyler
Encore Azalea 7G 20 Tyler
Espalier Loropetalum 15G 7 Tyler
Espalier Pyracantha 15G 6 Tyler
Espalier Star Jasmine 15G 1 Tyler
Euonymus Boxleaf 1G 380 Brownsboro
Euonymus Boxleaf 3G 16 Brownsboro
Euonymus Boxleaf 5G 18 Tyler 20 Brownsboro
Euonymus Winter Creeper 4in Flat 18 Tyler
Euonymus Golden 3G 18 Tyler
Euonymus Manhattan 1G 230 Tyler
Euonymus Manhattan 3G 164 Tyler 225 Brownsboro
Euonymus Summer Sun 3G 34 Tyler
Euonymus Winter Creeper 1G 515 Brownsboro
Fern Asparagus 1G 652 Tyler
Fern Asparagus 3G 19 Tyler
Fern Autumn 1G 60 Tyler
Fern Christmas 1G 18 Tyler
Fern Holly 3G 15 Tyler
Fern Southern Wood 3G 4 Tyler
Forsythia 3G 30 Brownsboro
Gardenia 7G 50 Tyler
Gardenia August Beauty 3G 626 Tyler
Gardenia August Beauty 7G 35 Tyler
Gardenia Frost Proof 3G 20 Tyler
Gardenia Frost Proof 7G 30 Tyler
Gardenia Hardy Daisy 3G 42 Tyler
Gardenia Veitchi 3G 35 Brownsboro
Grass Adagio 1G 4014 Tyler
Grass Adagio 3G 120 Tyler 1950 Brownsboro
Grass Autumn Red 1G 175 Tyler
Grass Autumn Red 3G 30 Tyler
Grass Corkscrew Rush 5G 50 Tyler
Grass Corkscrew Rush 3G 41 Tyler
Grass Hamlin Dwf 1G 40 Tyler
Grass Japanese Blood 1G 200 Brownsboro
Grass Karl Forrester 1G 350 Tyler 30 Brownsboro
Grass Lil Bunny 1G 20 Tyler
Grass Little Blue Stem 3G 44 Brownsboro
Grass Miscanthus 1G 40 Tyler
Grass Miscanthus 3G 22 Tyler 276 Brownsboro
Grass Miscanthus Varigated 1G 530 Tyler 100 Brownsboro
Grass Miscanthus Varigated 3G 5 Tyler 74 Brownsboro
Grass Muhley 1G 140 Tyler
Grass Muhley 3G 10 Tyler
Grass Nolina Green 1G 60 Tyler
Grass Pampas 1G 20 Tyler
Grass Umbrella 2G 5 Tyler
Grass Umbrella 3G 150 Tyler
Grass Umbrella 5G 65 Tyler
Grass Zebra-Gold Bar 1G 36 Tyler
Hawthorne Clara 1G 9 Tyler
Hawthorne Clara 3G 20 Tyler 75 Brownsboro
Hawthorne Harbinger of Spring 3G 90 Tyler
Hawthorne Harbinger of Spring 5G 78 Tyler
Hawthorne Heather 3G 85 Tyler
Hawthorne Oriental Pearl 3G 70 Tyler
Hawthorne Oriantal Pearl 5G 20 Brownsboro
Hawthorne Oriental Pearl 7G 62 Tyler
Hawthorne Pink Lady 3G 12 Tyler
Hawthorne Pink Lady 5G 25 Brownsboro
Hawthorne Pink Lady 7G 120 Tyler
Hawthorne Pinkie Dwf 3G 200 Brownsboro
Hawthorne Pinkie Dwf 7G 35 Brownsboro
Hawthorne Spring Beauty 15G 78 Tyler
Hawthorne Spring Beauty Std 15G 37 Tyler
Holly Dwf Burford 30G 2 Tyler
Holly Burford Dwf 15G 1 Tyler 13 Brownsboro
Holly Burford Dwf 1G 400 Brownsboro
Holly Burford Dwf 3G 519 Tyler 490 Brownsboro
Holly Burford Dwf 7G 22 Tyler 15 Brownsboro
Holly Burford Giant 30G 2 Tyler
Holly Burford Giant 1G 820 Tyler
Holly Burford Giant 3G 39 Tyler
Holly Burford 45G 7 Brownsboro
Holly Carissa 15G 5 Tyler
Holly Carissa 3G 20 Tyler
Holly Carissa 7G 1 Tyler 25 Brownsboro
Holly Chinese 3G 20 Brownsboro
Holly Dixie Star 15G 12 Tyler
Holly Dixie Star 30G 4 Tyler
Holly East Palatka TF 30G 6 Tyler
Holly Foster 15G 7 Tyler
Holly Foster 30G 2 Tyler 5 Brownsboro
Holly Foster 5G 45 Tyler
Holly Foster 65G 1 Tyler
Holly Integra 15G 15 Tyler
Holly Integra 1G 1300 Tyler
Holly Integra 7G 49 Tyler
Holly Japanese Compacta 7G 10 Tyler
Holly Liberty 3G 367 Tyler
Holly Liberty 2 Ball 15G 6 Tyler
Holly Little Red 15G 1 Tyler 7 Brownsboro
Holly Mary Nell 15G 3 Tyler 14 Brownsboro
Holly Mary Nell 65G 2 Brownsboro
Holly Needlepoint 45G 10 Brownsboro
Holly Needlepoint 30G 1 Tyler
Holly Needlepoint 15G 3 Tyler 28 Brownsboro
Holly Needlepoint 1G 75 Tyler
Holly Needlepoint 3G 33 Tyler 610 Brownsboro
Holly Needlepoint 7G 146 Tyler 270 Brownsboro
Holly Nellie R Stevens 15G 36 Tyler 70 Brownsboro
Holly Nellie R Stevens 1G 20 Brownsboro
Holly Nellie R Stevens 30G 1 Tyler
Holly Nellie R Stevens 3G 422 Tyler 2703 Brownsboro
Holly Nellie R Stevens 45G 1 Tyler
Holly Nellie R Stevens 7G 5 Tyler 250 Brownsboro
Holly Nellie R Stevens Pom Pom 15G 1 Tyler
Holly Nellie R Stevens Pom Pom 7G 14 Tyler
Holly Oakleaf 15G 2 Tyler
Holly Oakleaf 30G 3 Tyler
Holly Oakleaf 7G 1 Tyler
Holly Possumhaw 65G 5 Tyler
Holly Pride of Houston 15G 66 Tyler
Holly Pride of Houston 30G 25 Tyler
Holly Pride of Houston 15G 5 Tyler
Holly Pride of Houston 65G 23 Tyler
Holly Robin 3G 7 Tyler
Holly Savannah 15G 16 Tyler 3 Brownsboro
Holly Savannah 30G 2 Tyler
Holly Savannah 3G 14 Brownsboro
Holly Savannah 45G 3 Tyler
Holly Sky Pencil 3G 40 Tyler
Holly Sky Pencil 7G 15 Tyler
Holly Tensaw 65G 1 Tyler
Holly Yaupon 30G 15 Brownsboro
Holly Yaupon Dwf 15G 30 Brownsboro
Holly Yaupon Dwf 1G 25 Brownsboro
Holly Yaupon Dwf 3G 54 Tyler 430 Brownsboro
Holly Yaupon Dwf 5G 170 Brownsboro
Holly Yaupon Dwf 7G 6 Brownsboro
Holly Yaupon Soft Touch 3G 19 Tyler
Honeysuckle Coral 1G 105 Tyler 200 Brownsboro
Honeysuckle Coral 3G 63 Tyler
Honeysuckle Halls 7G 7 Tyler 230 Brownsboro
Honeysuckle Pams Pink 3G 100 Brownsboro
Honeysuckle Staked 1G 1130 Brownsboro
Honeysuckle Staked 5G 20 Brownsboro
HoneySuckle Vari/Scarlet 1G 25 Tyler 40 Brownsboro
Horsetail Reed 1G 196 Tyler 20 Brownsboro
Horsetail Reed 5G 30 Tyler
Hosta 1G 200 Brownsboro
Hosta 3G 40 Tyler
Hosta Blue Angel 1G 19 Tyler
Hosta Elegans 3G 200 Brownsboro
Hosta Frances Williams 3G 20 Brownsboro
Hosta Minuteman 3G 16 Brownsboro
Hosta Moonbeam 3G 145 Brownsboro
Hosta Wide Brim 3G 60 Brownsboro
Hydrangea 3G 865 Tyler 10 Brownsboro
Hydrangea 7G 6 Tyler
Hydrangea Bombshell 7G 12 Tyler
Hydrangea Oakleaf 15G 1 Tyler
Hydrangea Oakleaf 3G 10 Tyler
Hydrangea Oakleaf 7G 1 Tyler
Hydrangea Pink Sensation 3G 105 Tyler 22 Brownsboro
Indigo 3G 8 Tyler
Indigo 7G 200 Brownsboro
Ivy English 1G 25 Brownsboro
Ivy English 5G 3 Tyler
Ivy Fig 1G 358 Tyler
Ivy Fig 3G 51 Tyler
Ivy Fig stkd 5G 11 Tyler
Jasmine Lemondrop 5G 10 Tyler
Jasmine Pink 5G 40 Tyler 320 Brownsboro
Jasmine Star 1G 554 Tyler
Jasmine Star 3G 152 Tyler 38 Brownsboro
Jessamine Carolina 3G 272 Tyler
Jessamine Carolina 1G 94 Tyler 30 Brownsboro
Juniper Blue Pacific 3G 35 Tyler 15 Brownsboro
Juniper Blue Point 15G 2 Tyler
Juniper Blue Point 30G 6 Tyler
Juniper Blue Pt Deco Rembrt 15G 2 Tyler
Juniper Blue Rug 1G 15 Tyler
Juniper Blue Rug 3G 10 Tyler
Juniper Hollywood 15G 6 Tyler
Juniper Hollywood 30G 2 Tyler
Juniper Parsoni 1G 6 Tyler
Juniper Parsoni 3G 25 Tyler
Juniper Sea Green 3G 350 Tyler
Juniper Sky Rocket 30G 2 Tyler 2 Brownsboro
Juniper Sky Rocket 45G 12 Brownsboro
Juniper Spartan 15G 5 Tyler
Juniper Spartan 65G 1 Tyler
Juniper Tam 1G 109 Tyler
Juniper Tam 3G 139 Tyler
Juniper Tam 5G 22 Tyler
Ligustrum Waxleaf 15G 4 Tyler
Ligustrum Waxleaf 3G 397 Tyler 23 Brownsboro
Ligustrum Waxleaf 7G 120 Tyler
Ligustrum Waxleaf 65G 7 Tyler
Liriope Varigated 4in Flat 1 Tyler 26 Brownsboro
Liriope Big Blue 1G 50 Tyler
Liriope Big Blue 4in Flat 7 Brownsboro
Loropetalum 1G 807 Tyler
Loropetalum 3G 392 Tyler 27 Brownsboro
Loropetalum Emerald Snow 3G 78 Tyler
Loropetalum Ever Red Sunset 15G 3 Tyler
Loropetalum Tree Form 15G 9 Tyler
Magnolia Saucer 15G 6 Tyler
Magnolia Saucer 30G 7 Brownsboro
Magnolia Saucer 65G
Mahonia Leather Leaf 3G 11 Tyler
Mondo Dwf Grass 4in Flat 249 Tyler 20 Brownsboro
Mondo Grass 1G 135 Tyler
Mondo Grass Dwf 1G 15 Tyler
Nandina Compacta 15G 8 Tyler
Nandina Firepower 3G 5 Tyler
Nandina Gulfstream 1G 130 Tyler
Nandina Harbor Belle 3G 14 Tyler
Nandina Harbor Dwf 3G 10 Brownsboro
Nandina Royal Princess 3G 130 Tyler
Oleander Petite Salmon 1G 75 Brownsboro
Oleander Red 3G 160 Tyler 521 Brownsboro
Oleander Red Dwf 5G 60 Tyler 50 Brownsboro
Oleander Red 7G 32 Tyler
Oleander Red 15G 15 Tyler 4 Brownsboro
Palm Mexican Fan 1G 10 Tyler
Palm Mexican Fan 5G 122 Tyler 82 Brownsboro
Palm Sabal Minor 45G 1 Tyler
Palm Sabal Minor 30G 1 Tyler
Palm Sabal Minor 15G 2 Tyler
Palmetto - Silver Saw 3G 23 Tyler
Palmetto - Silver Saw 7G 1 Tyler
Palmetto - Silver Saw 15G 27 Tyler
Peren Allium Nodding Pink Onion 1G 45 Tyler
Peren Artemesia Silver Mound 1G 20 Tyler 590 Brownsboro
Peren Aster New York Alert 1G 15 Tyler
Peren Aster New York Alert 3G 15 Tyler
Peren Aster Woods Pink 1G 68 Tyler 285 Brownsboro
Peren Aster Woods Purple 1G 35 Tyler 240 Brownsboro
Peren Astilbe 3G 167 Tyler 270 Brownsboro
Peren Astilbe 1G 70 Brownsboro
Peren Baptisia Solar Flare 1G 40 Brownsboro
Peren Baptisia Twilite 1G 19 Tyler
Peren Buddleia Asst 1G 30 Tyler
Peren Buddleia Butterfly Bush 3G 40 Tyler
Peren Buddleia Black Knight 3G 180 Tyler
Peren Buddleia Nanho Blue 3G 220 Tyler
Peren Buddleia White 3G 45 Tyler
Peren Canna Richard Wallace 3G 6 Brownsboro
Peren Catmint Blue Wonder 1G 35 Tyler 85 Brownsboro
Peren Catmint Walkers Low 1G 85 Brownsboro
Peren Chrysanthemum Rhumba 1G 25 Brownsboro
Peren Coreopsis 1G 20 Tyler 80 Brownsboro
Peren Coreopsis Creme Brulee 1G 100 Brownsboro
Peren Coreopsis Full Moon 1G 80 Brownsboro
Peren Coreopsis Jethro Tull 1G 270 Brownsboro
Peren Coreopsis Moonbeam 1G 90 Brownsboro
Peren Coreopsis Rosea 1G 30 Brownsboro
Peren Coreopsis Route 66 1G 11 Tyler
Peren Daylily Asst 5G 22 Tyler
Peren Daylily 1G 250 Tyler
Peren Daylily 2G 35 Tyler
Peren Daylily Happy Returns 1G 120 Brownsboro
Peren Daylily Stella D Oro 1G 8 Tyler 1070 Brownsboro
Peren Echinacea Asst 1G 11 Tyler
Peren Gaillardia Arizona Red Shades 1G 40 Brownsboro
Peren Geranium-Cranesbill Vision Light Pink 1G 30 Tyler 30 Brownsboro
Geranium Sanguineum 1G 50 Brownsboro
Peren Ginger 1G 105 Brownsboro
Peren Ginger 3G 40 Tyler
Peren Hens and Chicks 1G 160 Brownsboro
Peren Hibiscus Hardy 3G 8 Tyler
Peren Hypericum 1G 60 Tyler 35 Brownsboro
Peren Hypericum Calycinum St Johns Wart 1G 1830 Brownsboro
Peren Ice Plant Cooperii 1G 230 Brownsboro
Peren Iris 15G 9 Tyler
Peren Lambs Ear Hummelo 1G 23 Tyler
Peren Monarda Grand Marshall 1G 17 Tyler
Peren Monarda Marshalls Delight 1G 7 Tyler
Peren Oxalis Rosea 1G 85 Brownsboro
Peren Pavonia Rock Rose 1G 10 Tyler 100 Brownsboro
Peren Perovskia Russian Sage 1G 245 Brownsboro
Peren Phlox 1G 210 Brownsboro
Peren Rudebeckia Goldstrum 1G 140 Brownsboro
Peren Salvia 1G 135 Brownsboro
Peren Salvia Ballet Rose 1G 75 Brownsboro
Peren Salvia Blue Hill 1G 150 Tyler
Peren Salvia East Friesland 1G 48 Tyler
Peren Salvia Snowhill Nemorosa 1G 15 Tyler
Peren Skullcap Pink 1G 10 Tyler
Peren Sedum Autumn Joy 1G 25 Tyler
Peren Sedum Autumn Maestro 1G 45 Tyler
Peren Sedum Dragons Blood 4in Flat 14 Brownsboro
Peren Sedum Kamtschaticum 4in Flat 13 Brownsboro
Peren Sedum Kamtschaticum 1G 20 Tyler 1230 Brownsboro
Peren Sedum Brilliant 1G 65 Brownsboro
Peren Thyme Lemon 1G 90 Brownsboro
Peren Verbena Homestead Purple 1G 10 Tyler
Peren Yarrow Paprika 1G 6 Tyler 50 Brownsboro
Photinia Redtip 1G 40 Brownsboro
Photinia Redtip 3G 349 Tyler 150 Brownsboro
Photinia Redtip 7G 68 Tyler
Pine 15G 3 Tyler
Pistache Chinese 30G 1 Tyler
Pittosporum Dwf Green 1G 700 Tyler
Pittosporum Dwf Green 5G 10 Tyler
Pittosporum Variegated 1G 230 Tyler
Pittosporum Variegated 3G 125 Tyler
Pittosporum Variegated 5G 30 Tyler
Pride of Barbados 15G 110 Tyler
Pyracantha 1G 457 Tyler
Pyracantha 5G 345 Tyler
Red Bud Eastern 45G 2 Tyler
River Birch 30G 3 Brownsboro
Rose Assorted 3G 115 Tyler
Rose Banksia 1G 28 Tyler
Rose Banksia White 5G 105 Brownsboro
Rose Banksia 3G 263 Tyler
Rose Banksia 7G White 30 Tyler
Rose Banksia 15G 1 Tyler
Rose Carefree Celebration 3G 100 Tyler 38 Brownsboro
Rose Carefree Spirit 3G 145 Tyler 70 Brownsboro
Rose Carefree Spirit 3G 129 Tyler
Rose Climbing Don Juan 3G 15 Tyler
Rose Don Juan 1G 70 Tyler
Rose Double Knock Out Pink 3G 95 Brownsboro
Rose Double Knock Out Pink 7G 47 Tyler
Rose Double Knock Out Red 3G 70 Brownsboro
Rose Double Knock Out Red 7G 5 Brownsboro
Rose Double Red Knock Out 15G 26 Tyler
Rose Drift Coral 3G 20 Brownsboro
Rose Drift Pink 3G 55 Tyler
Rose Drift Red 3G 1 Tyler
Rose Drift Red 7G 2 Tyler
Rose Golden Showers 3G 20 Tyler
Rose Iceburg 3G 15 Tyler 35 Brownsboro
Rose Iceberg 7G 25 Tyler 24 Brownsboro
Rose Iceberg Burgundy 5G 10 Brownsboro
Rose Knock Out 15G 12 Tyler
Rose Knock Out 7G 6 Tyler
Rose Knock Out 3G 120 Brownsboro
Rose Knock Out Blushing 3G 150 Tyler
Rose Knock Out Pink 3G 209 Tyler
Rose Knock Out Red 15G 55 Tyler
Rose Knock Out Red 3G 75 Tyler
Rose Knock Out Sunny 3G 45 Tyler
Rose Knock Out Sunny 7G 20 Tyler 5 Brownsboro
Rose Knock Out White Out 7G 21 Tyler
Rose Lavender Meidiland 3G 135 Tyler 65 Brownsboro
Rose Ruby Meidiland 3G 60 Brownsboro
Rose Ruby Meidiland 7G 5 Tyler
Rose Sunshine Daydream 3G 44 Brownsboro
Rose Zepherine 3G 75 Tyler 17 Brownsboro
Rose White Meidiland 3G 116 Tyler 25 Brownsboro
Rose White Meidiland 7G 35 Tyler
Rose Winners Circle 3G 60 Tyler
Rosemary Creeping 1G 78 Tyler
Rosemary Creeping 3G 65 Tyler
Sotol Desert Spoon 15G 3 Tyler
Spirea 3G 225 Brownsboro
Spirea Anthony Waters 3G 36 Tyler 45 Brownsboro
Spirea Anthony Waters 5G 18 Brownsboro
Spirea Double Reeves 3G 285 Tyler
Spirea Gold Mound 3G 24 Tyler
Spirea Gold Mound 5G 8 Tyler
Spirea Gold Mound 7G 7 Tyler
Spirea Little Princess 3G 270 Brownsboro
Sweet Olive 15G 22 Tyler
Sweet Olive 5G 270 Tyler
Sweet Olive 3G 278 Tyler 100 Brownsboro
Sweet Olive 7G 44 Tyler 330 Brownsboro
Swet Olive 65G 15 Tyler
Texas Sage Desperado 1G 29 Tyler
Trumpet Vine 3G 13 Brownsboro
Trumpet Vine 5G 192 Tyler
Trumpet Vine ESP 15G 2 Tyler
Viburnum Chindo 15G 26 Tyler
Viburnum Chindo 30G 26 Tyler
Viburnum Snowball 3G 90 Tyler
Viburnum Spring Bouquet 15G 19 Tyler
Viburnum Spring Bouquet 5G 70 Tyler
Viburnum Spring Bouquet 7G 44 Tyler
Viburnum Walters 15G 4 Tyler
Viburnum Walters 7G 27 Tyler
Vinca Minor 1G 70 Tyler
Wax Myrtle 15G 35 Tyler
Wax Myrtle 30G 1 Tyler
Wax Myrtle 65G 1 Tyler
Wax Myrtle 7G 35 Tyler
Weigelia 3G 40 Tyler
Willow Desert 15G 1 Tyler
Wisteria Chinese 1G 100 Tyler
Wisteria Chinese 3G 40 Tyler
Wisteria Chinese 5G 30 Tyler
Wisteria Evergreen 15G 5 Tyler
Wisteria Evergreen 1G 120 Tyler 1300 Brownsboro
Wisteria Evergreen 5G 37 Tyler 25 Brownsboro
Wisteria Evergreen 7G 61 Tyler 50 Brownsboro
Wisteria Staked 5G 8 Tyler 65 Brownsboro
Yew Creeping 3G 4 Tyler
Yew Densiformis 3G 36 Tyler
Yew Eutopia 3G 25 Tyler
Yew Plum 1G 40 Tyler
Yew Plum 3G 173 Tyler
Yew Podocarpus 1G 910 Tyler
Yew Podocarpus 15G 4 Tyler
Yew Podocarpus 30G 14 Tyler
Yew Podocarpus 65G 8 Tyler
Yew Podocarpus 7G 66 Tyler
Yucca Red 15G 2 Tyler

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For those flying in their private planes:
Tyler Pounds Regional Airport-Tyler 903-531-2343
This facility accommodates aircraft up to regional jets. There are 2 FBO’s for private use.

Jet Center of Tyler 903-597-1334 and Johnson Aviation 903-593-4343…

If flying commercially there are some commuting flights from DFW to Tyler on American Airlines and Continental.

Hilton Garden Inn Tyler
East Grande Tyler TX Expedia Hotel Expert: 1-855-809-3512

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tyler North
3247 West Gentry Parkway Tyler, Texas 75702 United States
Book online or call: 1-800-315-2621
NOTE: This one would be very close to the Auction Site

Courtyard by Marriott Tyler 855-213-0582
7424 S Broadway Ave, 75703 Tyler

1. Visit Glorious Gardens
Don’t miss the world-famous Tyler Municipal Rose Garden, with 35,000 rose bushes representing 500 varieties of roses. Several other gardens are also located in this 14-acre park. The adjacent Tyler Rose Museum features exhibits on the Tyler rose industry, along with memorabilia from the Texas Rose Festival and spectacular gowns and crowns worn by the festival’s rose queens.

In the springtime, the beautiful Ina Brundrett Azalea Garden at Tyler Junior College and Mrs. Lee’s Daffodil Garden in nearby Gladewater attract numerous visitors.

2. Tour Historic Sites
Visitors can tour several historic homes in Tyler, including Goodman-Legrand House, fully furnished with family pieces. The Cotton Belt Depot Museum downtown houses railroad memorabilia and several model trains. History buffs will also enjoy the Smith County Historical Society’s museum, Camp Ford (a Civil War POW camp), the Historic Aviation Memorial Museum, and the American Freedom Museum, featuring exhibits on military history.

3. Enjoy Outdoor Recreation
Tyler State Park, just a few minutes north of town, is a scenic spot for hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing, and boating. Rent a canoe, kayak or paddleboat to enjoy the small no-wake lake, or fish from several piers. A scenic walk along the hiking trail around the tree-lined lake takes about an hour. Numerous campsites are available for tents and RVs, along with screened shelters and picnic facilities. Several other area lakes, including Lake Palestine, offer boating and fishing.

4. Visit the Zoo
Don’t miss the Caldwell Zoo, a beautifully landscaped 85-acre park that’s home to more than 2,000 animals from around the globe. A patio dining area overlooks the African savannah where you can watch elephants and other animals while you eat.

5. Immerse Yourself in Culture
The Tyler Museum of Art has a permanent collection of more than 700 paintings, sculptures and photographs and also attracts world-class traveling exhibitions. Tyler also boasts a ballet, symphony orchestra, community theater, chorale and a variety of cultural attractions at Tyler Junior College and The University of Texas at Tyler.

6. Explore the Animal Kingdom
Just a few minutes from Tyler State Park, take a guided tour of the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge, a rescue facility for tigers and other large cats. Or do a driving tour through the 300-acre Cherokee Trace Safari Park to observe and feed hundreds of animals, including several endangered species.

Brookshire’s World of Wildlife Museum and Country Store (tucked away just behind the headquarters of Brookshire’s grocery stores on the south loop) features 450 well displayed mounted animals from around the globe. This free museum also includes a replica of a 1920’s general store and a playground and picnic area.

7. Attend Seasonal Events
Tyler is known for the annual Texas Rose Festival in October and the Azalea and Spring Flower Trail in late March and early April. Visitors also enjoy the Four Winds Renaissance Faire in March and April and the East Texas State Fair in September. Tyler is just 45 minutes from the enormous First Monday Trade Days in Canton, held the weekend preceding the first Monday of each month. Other seasonal attractions in the Tyler area include blueberry picking in the summertime and pumpkin picking in autumn.

8. Learn About Science
Discovery Science Place offers 200 hands-on activities geared to families. The Center for Earth & Space Science Education at Tyler Junior College has science exhibits and large-screen movies in a 40-foot domed theatre.

9. Enjoy Family Fun
Cool off at Water Park at the Villages, an indoor water park with a retractable roof in nearby Flint, and Splash Kingdom water park in Canton. Fire Mountain Amusements offers loads of family fun from mini-golf and video games to go karts and bumper boats. Visitors can also soar above the East Texas forests at two nearby zip line parks.

10. Visit Local Wineries
Several wineries in the Tyler area offer tastings and tours, and Kiepersol Estates also has lodging and an upscale restaurant.

With so many things to do in Tyler, there’s something for everyone! For more information about visiting Tyler, Texas, go to

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