Category: WELCOME (1 records) Milligan Livestock Online Rent-A-Buck Sale - September 23, 2018 Auction Closes at 7:00 p.m. CST

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A milliganlogot.jpgWe are providing an opportunity to lease bucks that move your program forward both genetically and phenotypically without having to own one that will stand around and eat feed for 10 months of the year. With this lease, offspring from these sires will be eligible for our “RAB Online Appreciation Sales” that will be scheduled for May and June of 2019 along with marketing consultation and guidance to maximize your profitability. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.

These bucks are owned by Milligan Livestock and are represented by Tommy Milligan as the owner and operator.

As a condition of the lease, the lessee promises to meet maintenance needs of the animal in terms of daily care, feed, water, and management. As a condition of the lease, any and all veterinary service required while the animal is leased is the sole responsibility of the lessee. The lessee also accepts full liability for the leased animal and is responsible for any claims of liability caused by the leased animal. In the event of death of the leased animal, the lessee is responsible for full payment of the leased animal to Milligan Livestock in the amount $10,000.

Stipulations of Use– No semen collection of the leased animal!

Limitations of Use– No subleasing of the leased animal!

Insurance Requirements– Insurance is not required on the leased animal, but highly recommended. Lease Insurance can be purchased through Milligan Livestock at a cost of 10% of the insurable amount, in this case $1000 for $10,000 coverage.

Travel Expense– All travel is at the expense of the leasee for pickup and return delivery.



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