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Consignor:Oklahoma Show Goats
Contact:Tommy Milligan (405) 880 - 0191
Location:Perry, OK
Comments:This US Flag Patriotic Crochet Blanket is super cozy, ultra soft, ultra plush, lightweight and handcrafted out of yarn by Tarah Ettinger, owner and operator of “Not Your Nanny’s Crochet”. Each one of her incredible pieces is a one of a kind masterpiece, almost too special not to use and put on display. We have teamed up with Tarah to bring the first ever-online offering of this diamond in the rough find in an effort to build our scholarship fund for tomorrows young leaders. The blanket measures approximately 48 inches by 72 inches and was generously modeled by one of our employees napping during business hours!
Notes:No Shipping Cost on this item - All proceeds will go to the OSG Scholarship Fund.
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