Category: WELCOME (1 records) Pfeiffer Farms Focus on the Future Online Doe Kid Sale - November 26, 2018 Auction Closes at 7:00 p.m. CST

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Welcome to Pfeiffer Farms final offering of the 2018 sale season. We are concluding our sales with a unique opportunity for the producer. We had an abundant number of high quality replacement females and this set comes from the heart of our program. With a Focus on the Future, we are offering these replacement doe kids in 25 lots of 3 head, 1 lot of 8 head, and a final lot of 10 head with sire and dams from the same genetics that have helped us become successful. In this business, the term donor is freely used to describe females on the sale block, we encourage interested buyers to call with questions or even schedule a time to come by and look at the groups in person – it is our intention to help you succeed. These does are in good flesh, good health and ready for pick-up after the sale. The does were videoed on November 19th by lot with all does in each lot together. You are purchasing a lot of several doe kids for “One” money in this sale. We sorted the does on size and phenotype, the does in each group compliment each other nicely with an emphasis on look, balance, muscle and structural integrity. Thanks for viewing our offering and please don’t hesitate to call with questions. You can also look at this opportunity as a way not only to compliment and potentially advance your program, but also a unique chance to save some money on taxes as the end of the year quickly approaches.

Each lot is selling for ONE money. You get all the goats in each lot for ONE Money!


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