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Tag: ABS SC20/20 Tank
Breeders:Kelln Livestock
Location:Shattuck, OK
Contact:Chris Kelln (580) 571-5029
Comments:Here is your get in the business deal of the century. I do not need two semen tanks sitting around. I keep most of our semen stored at REI. I also keep one tank at home. This one has been sitting at Ellis County Animal Hospital. It gets filled on a regular basis. It is an older, multi-owner tank but it is in really good shape. The only time that the semen has been handled was when REI put it in the tank and when straws were taken out for AI. I am not exactly sure how many straws are in this tank or what bucks are in there. I will guarantee that it has 15-20 straws of goat semen and maybe some bull semen. (I hope not) This is what I know is in there.

-At least 2 and most likely not 3 straws of Rumour Has It
-Pretty sure that there are 2 straws of Joe Dirt
-Manilla Gorilla
-Dirty Rain
-Skippy Red Leg
-Law & Order
-Maybe others, maybe not.

I had some sticky notes in the lid with what was in there. But, I lost the sticky notes. I'm not pulling the canisters to check as I don't want to crystallize any of the semen. If you buy the tank and want other straws of most any of our bucks added, we can do that as well--For a price. But, don't ask until you buy the thing. This is a very good tank with no known problems. If you can't pick it up, you do the homework for the shipping costs to your place. Sells as-is, where is. No warranties.

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