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DOB:June 2017
Dam:Vanilla (191/S100)
Comments:Quick listing of genetics in this dude. Mudslide is a Joe Dirt x Vanilla. Vanilla is a 191/S100 doe that came on the same trailer from Helms in 2012 with Rumour Has It and a whole host of bad ass wethers. I don't like buying doe kids but I wasn't leaving without her. She might have been the best goat on the trailer. Here is Vanilla's reproductive track record.

2013--bred to Rumour Has It and produced Blood Pressure
2014--bred to Joe Dirt and produced Mudslide and a doe that was a 17 time class winner including at OYE.
2015--bred to Rainman and produced twin does including the grand doe at Woodward District.
2016--bred to Easy Decision and produced ch. div. 1 doe at Woodward District and placed 3rd at OYE.
There is a reason that vanilla is consistently the top ranked flavor. Vanilla is good. There is a down side to Vanilla. She won't flush.

And now, this guy. I like this one A LOT! It is hard to make complete livestock. Anybody can single trait sort and breed. I like them correct in terms of structure and balance with enough bone, plenty of correct muscle and shape and still have a show ring look to them. This one does just that. He isn't fat, but when you get your hands on him, the parts are there. Shapely and wide. Hooks to pins are impeccable. Pin set is wide. Chest floor is clean and busted open. Round rib. Bone and shag is good. Lines are right. I like watching this guy move. Head is up, spine is level, hip works like it should and feet and legs move freely. He strolls around the pen. Prop him up and he ain't all bad. Another month on feed combined with another bath or two and this one will take a bad ass picture. He does have excellent hair. It just hasn't been worked. Like vanilla, he isn't extreme anywhere, but he is extremely good. I love genetic predictability and this cat has a double shot of Vanilla combined with Joe Dirt, 191, Festus, S100, 900, etc. This one is better than his pictures. This one is just damn good livestock. Please call about this one.

Breeder:Kelln Livestock & 2 Sweet Livestock
Location:Fargo, OK
Contact:Chris Kelln (580) 571-5029 or James Sweet (580) 571-1150
Notes:All transportation costs are at the buyer’s expense. Seller will assist as best possible with coordinating pick-up times and meeting rides. If you have pickup or delivery concerns, please contact the seller to discuss potential arrangements for pick up or delivery prior to bidding. All lots are sold AS IS – WHERE IS and become the property and liability of the buyer at the close of auction. Bob May (530) 200-0866 is available for deliveries throughout the country every couple of weeks.
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