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A milliganlogot.jpgLast Fall, Hayden and I purchased the Top Gun breeding program from Bart and Rich in Fallon, Nevada and could not be more pleased with the maternal values of these does. We carried about 150 does through the winter and had made plans early this year that we would not kid THAT many does again. We have sold some of the matures private treaty and are coming up on another group of them as we wean them and get them in good flesh. This set of females are great mothers, they kid unassisted, clean off the kids and get them to nurse without much help from us they all raised kids that we have either sold or have kept buck or doe kids out of this year. These things are bred well and were all mated to batman for kids that we weaned there were NO THROWAWAYS! From being in the goat business for almost 15 years, I can tell you that these mature, proven mothers are better investments than yearlings! Here is an opportunity to purchase does that are ready to cash flow at the beginning of 2019!!! Call if you have any questions. These pictures were taken in the lots they live in, in there working clothes Sunday afternoon. There are NO OTHER PICTURES OR VIDEOS. These things are Cash Cows! These does are not perfect. They may have or may not have had a CL knot, they may or may not have perfect feet and legs, they may or may not have perfect teats, they may or may not have a perfect bite. They have raised marketable kids.    

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