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A milliganlogot.jpgHere’s what excites me about the goat industry, both online and in person, a new person gets in the business almost every week and kids love goats! I was teaching Ag in the early two thousands when I had a pair of students that wanted to get a showgoat! I was clueless but shared in their excitement and we bought some goats! Fast Forward - It was August of 2011 in Fredericksburg, Texas when we purchased the Grand Champion Doe at the Texas Wether Buck and Doe Sale that would later be known as “Irene” raised by Henkhaus Show Goats for a whopping $25,500. That same year, first of September, we would purchase “A89” from Schafer Farms that would later be known as “Money Bags” at the Labor Day Sale in San Angelo, Texas for a staggering $20,000. I don’t think anyone understood our plan, but we had one. I’m not saying it was a good plan, but we had a plan to make one to stay relevant. The first flush of Money Bags to Irene would make a pair of bucks that we called “Batman” and “Joker”. We made daughters out of both of them, collected semen and sold them both. It wasn’t easy, in fact, it took entirely too much work in hindsight, but the pairing worked WELL. Lets Fast Forward again to 2018 – 7 years later, the amount of time the old investment guys tell you that your money should double – “Batman” is still relevant. The reference pictures are actual kids sold this year out of “Batman”. We are also offering semen on one of his sons “Frank the Tank” and a Grandson “Lasagna”. I’m not really sure who Bruce Wayne is, but I can tell you that “Batman” is a Super Hero! Works well on a variety of genetics, slow maturity pattern, most births are small and get better every single day. “Frank the Tank” did us an incredible job before his early death and we are WAY Excited about the future of “Lasagna” offspring hitting the ground this summer! Batman is still roaming the green meadows on the west coast under new ownership. We originally sold Batman to the Dunsmore’s, assisted the Dunsmore’s in selling him to Top Gun Show Goats, and Bob May now owns the legend of Batman. If you ever get a chance to visit with Bob May, ask him about “Bug Eye” and “Riddler” – the saga continues…    

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