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A jandjlivestock_logot.jpgThis is our third of four online Semen sales we will be having annually! We have decided to have a semen sale every 3 months - January, April, July and October. With this we offering the buyer choice of either 2 straws per lot OR 1 live cover breeding on sires that are alive, pending their availability. The buyer will have 90 days from the date of the sale to take possession of the semen or 1 year from the date of the sale to use the live cover breeding. For live cover breeding; Doe will be serviced by appointment only. The service doe is to be in good health, be free from any known disease and hooves must be trimmed prior to arrival. Upon arrival the doe must have a CIDR in. The doe will be allotted 30 days at our facility exposed to the service sire, after 30 days the owner will be charged $4/day for board and feed. We reserve the right to decline live cover service to anyone.

No Live Cover breedings without the purchase of a semen lot - No exceptions!

Please take a look at some of our up and coming bucks like Syke, Trump and Trash Talk that have only been offered one time previously! We are also offering lots on some of the bucks that helped create our doe foundation over the years, these bucks are in limited supply!

This will be the only offering of High Roller semen for 2018.

Thank you, we look forward to providing the sire of your next Champion! Please call or text with any questions 916-496-7644


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