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Comments:Polaris Trail Boss 330Year: 2005 Miles/Hours: LOTS
This thing runs like a spotted assed zebra. It has been used for chores, to gather does and itís primary job, which has been to chase wethers. It has chased its fair share of banner hanging wethers from 2005 to present time. Itís chased wethers from Kelln, Pfeiffer, Kelly, Helms, Gallagher, Shafer (Ralph and Ann), Morriss, Lex, Allen, L&W among others. It does have a 2Ē ball on the hitch. The rubber is getting a bit thin and some of the plastic is broken. The only time this thing isnít moving like Ricky Bobby is when Duke runs it out of gas. He is also the culprit for the broken plastic. Sasha the corgi not included.
Breeder:Kelln Livestock
Location:Fargo, OK
Contact:Chris Kelln (580) 571-5029
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