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Consignor :Kelln Livestock
Location:Fargo, OK
Contact:Chris Kelln (580) 571-5029
Comments:Here is a pair of self draining 6' feed troughs. Very well constructed A frame type feeders with V bottoms. As long as you set them on a slope, they will drain out of either end. Well, until wet feed plugs them up. These work great for weaned kids and mature does. However, as with any upright goat feeder, I highly recommend wiring one end of these feeders solidly to a post or fence. Otherwise, you will get goat catastrophe #1,256--kid trapped under over-turned feeder. Neither of these feeders have been involved in any goat catastrophe(s), probably because I learned a decade ago how to prevent #1,256. Good feeders--I still use several of these, but I now have fewer goats.
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