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Category: ALL (3 records) #19179-10 -- Pepin County, Wisconsin - Tax Delinquent Real Estate - CLOSED - Ends: March 18, 2019 Starting at 10:00am Central

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    10c.jpgRural 0.50 +/- Acre Residential Parcel w/Occupied Trailer Home and Old School Structure at W8403 County Rd Z, Arkansaw, WI
    - Address: W8403 County Rd Z, Arkansaw, WI 54721
    - County GIS Mapping: Pepin County GIS Land Records Mapping
    - Municipality: Town of Waterville
    - Tax PIN#: 014-00169-0000
    - Opening Bid $: $1,000
    - Acres: 0.50 +/- Acre
    - Lot Dimensions: 8 RODS X 10 RODS
    - Zoning: Contact the Town of Waterville, Town Chairman, Dennis Milliren at 715-279-0840 or 715-285-5379 --- Contact county and local zoning agencies for exact zoning, regulations and allowed uses. Bidders are warned not to assume you can build, change use or continue current use without researching with zoning agencies first. Property is sold in it's current state and use any future uses are not implied or guaranteed.
    - Type of Access to Property: Off Public Roadway (W8403 Cty Rd Z)
    - School District: Durand
    - Structures On Property: Trailer House And Old School House. Caution: This property may be occupied by previous owner. This property may have property line issues – the property description has an ambiguous point of beginning, which states beginning at the west side of highway at the southeast corner. This can make a 33 feet difference in the point of beginning.
    - Property Vacant: This property may be occupied by previous owner.
    - Property Clear of previous owner’s personal property: This auction does not include any personal property. If personal property remains, it is the buyer's responsibility to determine appropriate & legal disposition of personal property.
    - Legal Description: Part of the NE ¼ of SE ¼ described as follows: Beginning at the West side of Highway at the Southeast corner of the Northeast Quarter (NE ¼) of the Southeast Quarter (SE ¼) of Section 9, Township 25 North, Range 14 West; Town of Waterville, Pepin County, Wisconsin. Thence West 8 rods; Thence North 10 rods; Thence East 8 rods; Thence South 10 rods to Place of beginning, containing ½ acre, more or less.
    - Title Type: Quit Claim Deed
    - Deed Transfer Fee: $30 - To Be Paid by Buyer
    - Title Transfer Terms: Conveyance will be by quit claim deed upon full payment of receiving notice of accepted bid to Pepin County Treasurer.
    - Clear Title: No abstract, title insurance, or survey will be provided by the seller. Pepin County does not warrant the title or conditions of the property hereby listed. The winning bidder is responsible for recording fees, taxes, special assessments and special charges etc., if any -- as provided in Wis Stat. 75.521(8), (Wisconsin Statutes 2009-2010). Bidders are encouraged to research title.
    - Estimated Yearly Taxes: $778.04 -- Buyer responsible for current year taxes, if any, and all future real estate taxes.
    - Defects: This property may be occupied by previous owner. This property may have property line issues – the property description has an ambiguous point of beginning, which states beginning at the west side of highway at the southeast corner. This can make a 33 feet difference in the point of beginning.
    - Overall Condition: Property is being sold "As Is". It is the bidder’s responsibility to determine condition and any defects. Bidders are strongly encouraged to make personally inspection prior to bidding. Property is subject to all easements, right-of-way, and restrictions of record, if any. Pepin County makes no representation or guarantee with respect to the use, condition, title, access or occupancy of the property. (Caution: Properties may be occupied and you may not be granted access by occupants). Purchaser responsible for legal disposal of any items remaining on property, if any.
    - County Contact: Pepin County Treasurer - Nancy M Richardson at 715-672-8850 or TREASURER@CO.PEPIN.WI.US - 740 7th Ave W. P.O. Box 39 Durand, WI 54736 - Available 8:30 to Noon and 12:30 to 4:30pm --- Inspections on your own during daylight hours from the public roadway.
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