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Review billing options available to Maxanet customers. 

Maxanet Services Billing

New Accounts: 

$300 new account setup fee with SSL Certificate ($200 annual renewal)

Monthly Billing

$125/month for hosting & unlimited workspaces

Storage Fee

NO Storage Fee charges as of September 2019

Server Bandwidth Fee

If your Maxanet account receives 100,000 or more page views per month there is a minimum fee of $175 for your total month’s bill. For example, if your current monthly bill is $125 for 15 workspaces, and your site gets 100,000 page views, your bill for the month will be $175, not $95. For each 10,000 block of page views above 100,000 there is an additional fee of $5. The maximum monthly fee for any hosted Maxanet account is $825. At this point we will discuss with you the option for a dedicated server.

The page views for your account can be viewed in the workspace statistics report. See the bottom of Calendar and Archives page to view the report. Here is a chart of same sample fees (page views / monthly fee):

  • 105,000 – $175
  • 289,000 – $265
  • 406,000 – $325
  • 717,000 – $475
  • 1,112,000 – $675

Dedicated Server

Maxanet offers clients the option of upgrading to a powerful dedicated server at a cost of $1,100 per month. The dedicated server is constantly monitored and has many extra safeguards added in to protect your website and your web traffic from downtime from possible attacks or exploits. A dedicated server gives you unlimited workspaces as well as storage and bandwith. A great option for our clients who conduct many large auctions.

Dedicated Server Features:

  • Redundant hard drives, power supplies, network connections, and daily backups. The server will be hosted with Rackspace, a world class IT hosting provider
  • 1 TB of bandwidth per month
  • Complete control of all server activity. You schedule all of the auctions.
  • A dedicated SSL certificate branded to your domain.
  • Automatic updates. Updates made to the MaxaNet service will be automatically applied to the dedicated server.
  • Customization. With a dedicated server the MaxaNet service can be configured and / or programmed to provide unique features to meet your specific requirements.
  • Transfer option. If Maxanet or its successors cannot provide the current level of service due to death or disability then the contract that Maxanet maintains with Rackspace for the dedicated server can be transferred to you. You would then assume direct control of the server and be billed by Rackspace directly. Contact Maxanet for more details.


Setup is the same as a typical Maxanet new client with a $100 setup fee. The monthly fee is $40/month for 5 workspaces or $60/month if we are hosting a separate website/domain for a sub account.

Email Addresses

Accounts hosted with Maxanet include an email account for no additional fee. Each additional block of 3 email accounts is $5/month.

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