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Coleman Show Goats Online Sale - September 11, 2018 Auction Closes at 7:00 p.m. CST

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A colemanshowgoatst.jpgHi! We are Coleman Show Goats, Val and Vicki Coleman. Val does all the work and Vicki, well she tries to stick to the administrative side. This is our fourth set of kids and our first solo on-line auction. Last year we were partners with Layton Livestock in some of the kids in their on-line sale.

We have had 2 Reserve Grands at the Craig County Show in our first couple of years and both were by Shoot Yeah, a 7T7 buck. And Shooter is his off-spring.

This year we purchased the Supreme Champion Wether Dam Doe at OYE. She is being flushed the same day as our sale. So be sure and check back with us come late spring.

We'd like to thank Tanner Miller and Cade Moxley for helping us get ready for this auction.

And we owe a tremendous amount of thanks to Layton Livestock, Monty and Tylen. Without whom we would really be up a creek.


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