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Milligan Livestock Online Buck Lease, Live Cover, and Semen Sale - September 22, 2019 Auction Closes at 7:00 p.m. CST

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Lot:6 - 2 straws of semen

Semen Sire:Blue Print

# Straws:2 Straws

Sire:AABG NBD Warp Drive (10739784)

Dam:AABG NBD Melt in Your Mouth (10742983)

Consignor:Milligan Livestock

Location:Stillwater, OK

contact:Tommy Milligan (405) 880-0191

comments:“BLUEPRINT” was a private treaty purchase from Lary Duncan. Our logic behind the purchase of this guy was in his pedigree. His sire “Warp Drive” is a FULL Brother to “Mojo” at Pfeiffer Farms, “Trump” at Tannehill Show Goats, “chippendale” at 2M Boer Goats, and “I can’t Drive 55” owned by Westfall Boer Goats. The topside of his pedigree is stacked with proven genetics to make herd sires! Not to mention, “Golden Goose” is BLUEPRINT’s grandma on his sire side and Duncan’s best doe family is out of the Golden Goose!!! “BLUEPRINT’s” dam is “Melt in Your Mouth” and her sire was “Grey Goose” owned by Pfeiffer Farms. More importantly, “BLUEPRINT’s” mother is a full sister to “clique” owned by WMc Boer Goats. clique is out of Duncan’s best daughter of the Smokin Express Ennobled buck that has sired Overall Grand champion does at Fort Worth, Denver, and Houston. “Melt in Your Mouth” is also a full sister to “Blue Duck” made popular by Pat Lyons and now owned by ReBar Ranch. Not to mention, she is also a full sib to “African Goose” owned by Newton Farms. THIS ONE IS BRED ROYALLY!!!

This unique creature was the “BLUEPRINT” that we needed to make percentage females and goats with lots of look and skeletal width. This guy is deadly looking running loose, he has phenomenal running gears, flexibility to his knee and curvature to his hock and most importantly, true base width on both ends with toes in alignment. “BLUEPRINT” seemed like a logical choice to describe what we want to build with this cornerstone building block. For one with a paper pedigree, he has paper-thin skin wrapped tightly over his skeleton and offers a cylindrical rib cage with real shape in his rack and a big, flat loin. We like his width of pin set as well and appreciate his depth of twist and expression of muscle through his inner and outer lower leg. If you are going to build good ones, you need a “BLUEPRINT”. Semen was processed by REI and has worked successfully in A.I. programs as well as flushing donors.

Notes:SEMEN must be transferred, shipped, picked-up or used within 30 days of this sale date or the semen will be forfeited and the seller will donate it to marketing research. All straws of semen are sold as one lot, one price. Shipping is buyer’s responsibility. Semen is stored at Reproduction Enterprises (REI) in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Semen must be picked up or shipped from REI. Shipping costs are typically around $140 per shipment to most regions of the U.S.A. For actual costs, please call REI @ (405) 377-8037.

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