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Thank You for checking out our 1st online sale. Our kids have been showing for about 6 years now and we went down this road so that we could raise our own to show. So we started Little By Little show goats. The idea was slow and steady progress build a herd that could raise major quality wethers. We started by buying our Buck from Foundation Genetics ďRickyĒ who is the sire of some of these lots he is an Instant Flash Son. Then we were able to buy nice sets of does from the Sanderís and Spenrath families and we were off and running. We have added some other genetics Foundation Genetics, Blue Team, Turkey Farm, Hummel, Milligan, Flach and others. We have now got our numbers up so we can start selling off to maintain the numbers we can manage.

I am fan of raw pictures so all these have not been edited at all. My requirement to the young lady who took these photos was to not touch them at all. So what you see is what she took and some of them are better than the picture and some arenít as good as the picture. Please come by and take a look if possible. If you canít make it to Central Texas call or text and I will give my honest opinion on this set.

Thanks Again


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