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Category: ALL (3 records) #19395-53 - Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue - Delafield, Wisconsin - Ends: May 28, 2019 Starting at 10:00am Central

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    17c.jpg2001 BMW 3-Series 325Ci 2Door Convertible - Confiscated Vehicle
    • DETAILS: VIN: WBABS33461JY53255 -- Miles: Unknown -- Transmission: Automatic -- Engine: Unknown -- Seller has the vehicle title
    • PROVIDED CONDITION(S): Tow Away, Large portions of engine are missing. Some parts are in the trunk. Vehicle does not run. Complete Condition and History Unknown, Buyer Beware - Sold As Is. Tires are all flat and will need replacing. Canvas top in good condition, not faded. Paint bubbling in spot in rear, minimal scratches on body, hand-sized dent on passenger side. Passenger mirror cracked. Interior fair, dirty, has tears on bottom driver door -- Personal Inspection Recommended
    • CONDITION DISCLAIMER: Confiscated Vehicle, Complete Condition and History Unknown, Buyer Beware - Sold As Is. Vehicle sells with any listed, not listed, known, unknown, pictured or not pictured defects. It is the bidder’s full responsibility to inspect and verify condition(s). Vehicle was described by the seller to the best of their ability by non-mechanic personnel. Vehicle likely has defects – Rust, Dings, Dents, Scratches, Stains, Wear, Leaks, Holes, Dirty, etc. Bidders are strongly encouraged to inspect prior to bidding. This is a used vehicle. Placing a bid indicates you agree to this disclaimer.
    • SELLER: Wisconsin Department of Revenue
    • LOCATION: W323 S1050 Boys School Road, Delafield, WI 53018
    • CONTACT: Melissa Cota at 608-266-6473 or melissa.cota@wisconsin.gov - Inspections are highly encouraged. Inspection Times/Dates: By appointment only, between 7:30-2:30pm on Tuesday May 21, 2019. Other times and dates may be possible. Appointment must be made prior to May 21st by contacting Melissa Cota via email or phone. -- Appointments are required, no walk-ins.
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