You Don’t Need An eBay Account.
You Need An Auction Business.

Maxanet online auction software is your choice for starting an auction business.  Our white label software promotes your auctions, not a software platform or competitor’s auction items. We’ll get you up and running fast!

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No setup fees, plus your first month of Maxanet & MaxanetPAY subscriptions are free!
Offer is good through July 15, 2021.

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Get It Done. Own It All.

We provide you with everything you need to start an auction business. Setup is quick. Plus, you own the auction site and all of your data, including your customer email list. So, unlike other auction platforms, we don’t advertise competing auctions to your customers.

Free WordPress Templates

Maxanet includes free WordPress templates to help you get your custom auction website up and running quickly. WordPress is the leading website platform, offering a powerful and flexible solution for your online auction needs.

New iOS/Android Mobile App

The free Maxanet mobile app makes managing your auctions a snap. Manage inventory. Take and upload inventory photos. Make live updates and alternate between mobile/desktop seamlessly.

Integrated Payment Processing

Fully-integrated bidder invoicing and Maxanet Pay credit card payment processing make transactions easy.

See Results With Reports

Analytics and reports give you powerful auction insights you can use. Understand customer behavior to improve the auction experience and increase your success.

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Increase Auction Sales

Maxanet was built specifically for online auctions by industry experts. We have been meeting the needs of auctioneers since 1997, so we understand what is important to you:

  • Increasing your sales
  • Protecting your customers from competition
  • Running a successful business



  • Maxanet software does not require an Auctioneer license. Refer to your specific state laws on license requirements.

"I highly recommend Maxanet to companies of any size. It is reliable and saves time. Maxanet allowed us to solve many problems. The inventory management allowed us to add, update and remove items from the auction in real time."

– Ted S., Mid-Market Tech Company