Maxanet Online Auction Software Demo

Our auction software is powerful - you can choose different display options and formats for your auction events. In addition, all standard auction features are available including auto-extend bidding, adjustable staggered endings, automatic registration with credit card required, start time, bid increments, and much more. Checkout the Maxanet Software Features page for more details or click on any of the website layout and calendar formats below to view sample auctions.

Click one of the following buttons to view the Maxanet Auction Software Demo Page:

Top-Right Navigation Layout

Top-Center Navigation Layout

Left Navigation with small logo Layout

Left Navigation with centered logo Layout

Maxanet has a number of different calendar layout options to display your events. These different calendar options will work with the above navigation layouts which are included with Maxanet. You can also have your website designer create your own custom look.

Questions? Please call us at 814-558-2306 or send us a message through our Contact Us page.