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Auction Software Upgrade

We are constantly updating Maxanet with new features at no cost to you. Additionally, optional upgrades, advanced configurations, and third party services are available.

2020 Responsive Software Optional Upgrade:

Existing Maxanet clients now have the option of upgrading their account to our new 2020 Responsive software and bidding pages. This new auction software upgrade includes a streamlined auction calendar, details, and bidding pages to a mobile-friendly layout. In addition, the pages dynamically change the page layout depending on the screen size.

Also, this responsive auction software upgrade is very flexible. As an example, you can continue to use your own custom calendar or step into an event/details page via a link and not use the calendar at all. If you want to upgrade to Responsive you must currently host with Maxanet. If you are not currently hosting with Maxanet please contact us to setup a new hosting account with us.

The cost of upgrading to Responsive is a minimum $200 charge. Some websites and layouts may need additional HTML & CSS coding work and will cost more to upgrade. We are working with clients on a case-by-case basis so please contact us today with any questions or to get started.

And, we’re excited about Maxanet NEXT coming in June 2020. It features auctioneer mobile apps for both iOS and Android. It also has easy inventory photo description uploads, real-time online bidding and much more.

SSL Secure Website Optional Upgrade:

All Maxanet administrative pages and sensitive bidder data have always been and always will be encrypted & SSL secure.

However, recent browser updates for Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox have left many Maxanet clients seeing “Not Secure” warning messages in the URL address bar of their website & the public facing auction pages.

To make your website secure, we will need to configure and install an SSL certificate for your domain name on our server. The cost for the SSL certificate is $200/year (setup/install included).

Adding an SSL certificate will not only make your site secure (with a green lock icon in the URL). But, it will also give you full branding across all pages – including the Bidder Registration & Profile Update pages.

Additional Workspaces:

You can request additional workspaces for your Maxanet account at any time by emailing us through our Contact Page. We start all new clients off with 2 workspaces. You can increase to 5, 10, 15, or more.

Add Affiliate/Partner Sub-Accounts

Maxanet gives clients the ability to add “sub-accounts” to your main Maxanet account for your affiliate sellers or franchises. Sub accounts get their own Maxanet administrative panel with their own password with access to only their auctions.

We will add a new “Combined Calendar” feature to your main account which allows you to add your sub-accounts workspaces to your main Calendar page when they have a new auction that’s ready to go live.

Sub-accounts share your bidder list, but have no access to download any sensitive data. The billing is handled through the main account. Sub-accounts are setup the same way as regular Maxanet accounts. And, there is a one-time $100 setup fee per sub-account and a monthly fee dependant on the # of workspaces and if the sub-account is sharing the same main account URL, or has it’s own unique URL/website address. Payment Gateway Integration

Maxanet is compatible with the Payment Gateway, a 3rd party service that works in conjunction with your merchant account. Once enabled, additional features will be activated in your Maxanet Enhanced Invoicing page which will allow you to charge the credit cards on file of your bidders.

Features: Quickly select all invoices and charge all winning bidders credit cards on file at once…or individually…or 2 or 3 at a time. Add surcharges such as shipping fee’s onto an invoice and charge that amount quickly and easily. You can also request that we enable a $1.00 automatic authorization. When a bidder enters an auction and places their first bid in the sale, their card on file will be authorized $1.00. If the authorization is successful, the bidder can submit the bid(s). If the authorization is declined, the bidder will be routed to their bidder profile update page and be asked to update their profile and try again.

To get started, please ask your current merchant account provider account representative if your payment processing is compatible with the ‘ Payment Gateway’. If yes, simply sign up for the ‘Gateway Only’ through this page: Payment Gateway Only Signup. Contact us for additional steps. There is no additional cost or setup fee’s from Maxanet.

If your current merchant account is NOT compatible with the Payment Gateway…or if you do not have a current merchant account, you will need to get one. We recommend contacting a 3rd party company called TSYS who is a preferred reseller of Please click HERE to view the TSYS contact information. Chris with Tsys works with Maxanet clients and can make the signup process quick and easy. You can also contact your local bank, or go directly through the Preferred Reseller page.

Having the Payment Gateway Integration will save you time and money!

Google Analytics or Social Media Tracking Code Installation:

We can add help setup and install your Google Analytics Tracking code onto every page/auction of your Maxanet site. The cost is a one time $50 charge. Please contact us for more details or to get started. We can also help with Facebook Pixel, Linked in, or other social media integrations for tracking.

Adding Google Analytics to your website allows you to track your website visitors in real time with geographic locations and details on how the user found your website (through a Google search, a direct link, or an advertisement). This can be very useful and Google Analytics is 100% free to use.

Website Design / Development:

Maxanet provides all new clients with their choice of one of three web templates with their new account setup payment. You can build upon these templates yourself or hire an outside web designer. Or, you can hire Maxanet to create additional pages and/or features for your website, including an advanced design/template.

Our rates start at $50/hr. We’ve found our prices tend to be less than an outside developer who would need to learn the Maxanet system in addition to building you a website around your auction pages. We have some exciting features we can implement – contact us for more information.

Questions? Call us at 814-558-2306 or send us a message through our Contact Us page.

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