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Purchasing Amazon pallet returns offers sellers an inexpensive way to source products for resale. These items are substantially discounted and come in a variety of conditions, even within the same pallet, since they have been returned for various reasons such as damage, product not as expected, flaws, etc. It is up to the seller to sort them to determine which items end up sold through Amazon’s warehouse deals, typically items still in good shape, or designated for an Amazon pallet for liquidation.

If you have the right marketing channel for flipping Amazon pallets, you can be quite profitable given the low acquisition cost of these liquidated items.

There are, however, some risks involved in buying damaged items. Some may be in such poor condition; they cannot be resold.

How to Buy Amazon Pallets for Sale Online

Amazon return pallets can be purchased through third party liquidators that collaborate with Amazon. They scoop up large quantities of returns from Amazon plus other large retailers and then put them up for sale on their websites.

A wide variety of merchandise can be obtained through these liquidation sources. Aside from damage, you must also be aware of perishable items such as skin care and cosmetics. If past their expiration dates, they should be discarded. The type of merchandise you market is an important consideration because expired products and outdated items can be less profitable due to the chance some may not be suitable for sale.

Other types of merchandise come with their own set of challenges. You could have missing parts from something requiring assembly, but perhaps you can furnish the missing screw and make the product whole again.

You may also be able to repair something returned damaged. Your skill set can play a valuable role in making Amazon pallet sales worthwhile.

Being clear about any damage in your listing will go a long way to ensure your customer is not disappointed with an item that is damaged or missing parts. Setting the right expectations will reduce the number of questions asked and result in better customer feedback after the sale.

Ultimately, your goal is to make enough profit off the saleable products to compensate for those items you cannot unload.

Amazon Pallet Pricing

Because buyers are purchasing large quantities, there can be a large discrepancy between low ticket items such as a pallet of socks and a pallet of electronic devices. But other factors outside the relative costs between item types also play a role; the weight and size of the pallet can also be part of the cost.

In general, you’ll find a tremendous range of prices, starting from a few hundred dollars into the tens of thousands, depending on the description of the pallet.

Getting Started: Where to Buy Amazon Pallet Returns

  1. DirectLiquidation.com: Direct Liquidation offers Amazon return pallets packed with either random merchandise or sorted into specific categories. It’s a great place to explore and find potential deals.
  2. Liquidation.com: Liquidation.com is another common platform where you can discover return pallets. The prices of these pallets can vary based on the type of items included.
  3. B-Stock: B-Stock partners with major retailers, including Amazon, to auction off customer returns and excess inventory. You can find Amazon return pallets through their marketplace.
  4. BULQ: BULQ specializes in liquidation and offers Amazon return pallets. They provide detailed information about the condition of the items in each pallet.
  5. Via Trading: Via Trading is a wholesale liquidation company that also sells Amazon return pallets. They have a wide range of inventory available.
  6. Quicklotz: Quicklotz offers liquidation merchandise, including Amazon return pallets. You can explore their website to see what’s currently available.
  7. 888lots.com: 888Lots provides various liquidation products, and Amazon return pallets are part of their inventory. Check their listings for potential deals.

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