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Software and Payment Processing
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Single Source, Pain-free Auction Payment Processing


Many auction businesses live with the hassle of a tangled web of payment processing vendors that don’t work well together. This patchwork approach is expensive and causes numerous problems for businesses like yours:

red zeroNot knowing who to call for support – software company vs. processor

red zeroProcessing statements that are difficult to understand

red zero Daily, weekly and monthly reconciliation is a hassle

red zeroSitting on hold forever and then getting unclear answers

red zeroBank deposits are rarely what you expect

red zero New fees show up ‘out of the blue’

Our proprietary payment processing platform is baked into our auction software solution. With MaxanetPay, you get a single-sourced solution to solve your business needs – and the most important need of all – payments.

Your business will benefit from:

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Integrated Software + Payments

By combining software and payments, we’re able to lower fees, cut out confusion, and get better results for your business.

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Simple Payment Reconciliation

All your business reports are at your fingertips within the NEXT interface.

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Single Source

No more guesswork on who to call or what to do next. Now you have software and payments – both in one place, with the people you know.

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Pricing You Can

Forget long-term contracts and rates that increase every year. With our simple processing rates, there are no hidden fees or mysterious charges.

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