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Maxanet Online Auction Software

Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains FAQs and answers for the Maxanet Online Auction Software. If you have any additional questions please make sure to Contact Us.

Common Questions & Answers

What is Maxanet?

Maxanet is a white label monthly subscription online auction software. Maxanet can be integrated into your existing website or it can be used as a standalone website with online auctions that you control through a secure web based administrative page. Please read the next section to learn about the features of Maxanet.

What are the features of Maxanet?

Maxanet has many unique features that you cannot find anywhere else…

  • We’ve been in business since 1997. We have 100’s of clients and the most experience in the industry.
  • Maxanet is White-Label software with no ADs, links, or logos on your website
  • Simple & affoddable monthly subscription pricing – no per event fee’s or percentage of sale fee’s
  • Relability & Speed – Support for 1,000’s of items and 1,000’s of bidders at once
  • Secure – Maxanet administration is SSL secure to keep your bidder data safe
  • Support & Future proof – we have the best support system and are always making upgrades to Maxanet.

Does Maxanet work on Phones & Tablets?

Yes. Maxanet is mobile responsive meaning the website pages (and bidding pages / inventory) adapt to fit the screen size of the device viewing the page. Your auctions will properly display on PC, Mac, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, and smart phones including Android & Apple devices.

Why should I choose Maxanet?

There are many reasons why 100s of customers have chosen Maxanet as their online auction partner. Here are a few of them:


Reliability: Maxanet was created in 1997 and has been reliably serving the live and online auction industry during this time.


Affordability: Typical setups start at just $125/month with hosting included (no per auction or percent of sale fees).


Features: Maxanet is full featured and comes with everything you’d expect from an online auction platform. Please view our Maxanet Software Features page to view the full list of features.


Branding: Maxanet is also white label, meaning you keep 100% of your company branding across all pages (no Maxanet logos).


View our Maxanet Software Demo page to see it live in action.

How much does Maxanet Cost?

Maxanet is surprisingly affordable with typical setups starting at just $125/month with hosting included. (There is a one-time $300 initial setup fee for new accounts.)

Maxanet does NOT charge any per auction fees or any percent of sale fees.

Please visit our Pricing Page to view more details and place your order.

What do I need to get started and how do I order Maxanet?

To get started, all you need to do is visit our Pricing Page and click on the order link to make the initial $300 setup payment to Maxanet. Once we have received the setup payment we will contact you for the next step which is helping you either create a new domain name or a sub-domain of your current website. The DNS info of this new domain name or CNAME of your sub-domain name will then be pointed towards your new Maxanet hosting account. We will then work with you to create a new website or we can style your new Maxanet auction bidding pages to match your current website. Maxanet can also be used as a 100% standalone website with the auction software built in. 

  • One-time Setup fee payment of $300
  • Configure Domain name nameservers
  • We setup your account & hosting
  • Maxanet builds you a new website template
  • You get your new admininstrative panel & a getting started guide
  • Create your first auction!

    Initial Setup – Getting Started

    How do I create a new domain name or sub-domain of my current website?

    Maxanet requires a domain name or sub-domain name of your current website be setup and then the nameservers in your DNS settings be pointed towards your new Maxanet hosting account (CNAME for a subdomain).

    Shortly after you make the setup payment we will email you an introductory email and discuss the domain name and settings.

    To change your domain name nameservers or sub-domain CNAME records, use your domain name registrar’s account features and look for the DNS settings.

    You can also contact your domain name account provider or give us a call or email and we’ll be glad to step you through it.

    Your new Auction Bidding Pages

    Once you have the nameservers of your domain name correctly pointed to the Maxanet server, we will create your new account and will email you your new administrative link and other relevant info.

    If you have an existing website, we will setup your new auction bidding pages to mirror the look of your existing site.

    You’ll then just need to add a new link on your websites navigation menu for “Auctions” or whatever you’d like to call it. If you do not have an existing website we’ll build a basic website for you which you’ll have access to edit and add pages to.

    What is a workspace?

    The typical starting setup consists of hosting and two workspaces. You can think of workspaces as “events” or “auctions.” Here is an example of how a workspace functions in the online auction process.

    1. Select your workspace
    2. Add the name of the auction, the details, the inventory and photos
    3. Run the auction
    4. Close the auction, collect payments, archive the auction
    5. Then the workspace is ready to be “re-used” with a new auction in it’s place

    We recommend starting with a minimum of two workspaces as this gives you the ability to run two simultaneous sales as once. Many of our clients request additional workspaces be added to their account after they complete their first sale.

    How do I charge Credit Cards through my Maxanet admin?

    Maxanet is compatible out-of-the-box with two processing options:

    • Authorize.net Payment Gateway*
    • Paypal Link on Invoices

    The Authorize.net integration is very powerful – it connects your Maxanet admin to your current Merchant account and allows you to process payments through your admin panel manually or automatically.

    *Your merchant account must be compatible with the Authorize.net Payment Gateway. Please make sure to ask your Merchant account representative if their service is compatible.

    How do I update the content or look of my Maxanet website pages/bidding pages?

    When we initially get your new Maxanet account setup, we create a basic website for you with a template. Then we add your logo and a navigation menu and footer at the bottom of the page.

    We will customize this template to look and function like your existing website (if applicable). If you want to make changes to this template, you can either hire a website designer or we’d be happy to provide you with a custom quote. All

    accounts get FTP access to their server.

    Can I have franchises and use multiple Maxanet accounts?

    Yes – Maxanet can be customized to have a shared Calendar feature where multiple Maxanet accounts can post auctions that are then viewable on a webpage.

    This is great if you have franchises as you can create an “umbrella” account with sub accounts underneath it that all share the same bidder list.

    How do I get my website to say "Secure" in the browser?

    The Maxanet administrative pages and your bidder data have always been secure – and always will be. However, new updates to the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers have marked many websites as “unsecure” in the URL address bar.

    To make your public facing website be “secure” in the URL address bar, you need to have Maxanet order and configure an SSL certificate. The cost is $200/yr which includes configuration and installation.

    Will Maxanet help me add features to my website or update my website design?

    All new Maxanet clients get a very nice looking and fully functional website when they sign up. If you’d like to create a more advanced design, or have additional features added, you can hire an outside web designer or you can hire Maxanet.

    We’ve found our rates of $50/hr are very reasonable and keep in mind an outside designer must spend time to become familiar with the way our system works.

    What if I have additional questions or need immediate assistance with an issue?

    Your Maxanet administrative page has helpful explanations to the right of most features. You can also view the Maxanet Support page that has many support documents and tutorial videos to assist you on everything from adding a new auction, inventory & photos, to invoicing.

    If you have any questions you cannot find answers for, or if you need immediate assistance, please call (or text) 814-558-2306.

    Questions? Send us a message through our Contact Us page.

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