Maxanet Online Auction Software

Auction Software Features

Maxanet is a full-featured solution with many customization options. The software integrates with existing websites, or it can be a turnkey solution hosted with Maxanet. Easily add/modify screen colors, fonts, and logos. Customize layouts for auction details and calendar. Add custom forms to any page. Contact us for a live demo auction.

Online Bidding Tools

Online-only, live simulcast, or pre-bidding

Options include: Open Bidding, Maximum Bidding, Hidden Bidding, Realized Prices, Price List, No Item Numbers

Staggered ending available (timed auctions)

Adjustable setting: On/Off, 1 item/60 minutes all the way to 50 items/minute.

Auto-extending bid closing

Leaves bidding open for any time that has received a bid within the last x minutes

Email notifications to outbid bidders

Automatic email alerts to bidders up until the event starts to close to keep bidders engaged.

MaxBid feature lets the system bid for the bidder up to their max

Great for absentee bidding or those who want to set their price and walk away

Combination bidding available (multi-parcel)

Unique style of bidding that allows bidders to create combos of items to bid on (multi-parcel bidding)

Collaborative auctions – Multiple auction companies can share bids

Combine bids from respective sites while maintaining independent bidder lits

Grouping available – Have multiple items close as a group in a timed auction

Allows selective bidding on one or more items in a group of similar items

Complete online invoicing and auction reconciliation available

Built in custom invoicing with many enhanced features with the ability to process payments


Easily add, edit, and delete inventory & photos

Built in Integrated Inventory & Photo loader is easy to use and can load inventory and photos fast

Mass upload inventory descriptions from Excel, Access, etc.

Upload descriptions in mass with different upload options for formatting of how inventory is displayed on your site

Inventory Item Attributes

Add inventory quantities, starting bids, reserve prices, buy it now prices, and seller ID reference numbers to each item

Categorized and searchable

Built in tools make it easy to find what you’re looking for quickly

Can be updated after bidding has started

Add/edit/delete inventory items whenever you need to

Unlimited number of images per item

Inventory description fields allow HTML formatting- link to videos, .pdf files, and more

Thumbnail galleries available for each item

Display your auction items in style and grab your bidders attention


Secure server to collect credit card information

Bidder data secured and PCI compliant

Register once for all auctions option available

Bidding priviledges can be turned off/on, notes added, tax exempt status stored/updated

Private auctions available

Customize registration rules for each auction

Add your own Terms info for each sale that bidders must agree to before entering the sale

Automatically authorize bidders credit cards before they are allowed to bid

Great way to ensure the integrity of your sale

Credit Cards

Maxanet servers are PCI Compliant for secure bidder data storage

Bidder data secured and PCI compliant

Credit & debit card processing

Automatically process credit and debit cards with our integrated Maxanet Pay payment gateway. You can apply for Maxanet Pay here.

Accept PayPal payments on online invoices

Add a pay with paypal hyperlink to your invoices prior to emailing them out to winning bidders

Custom invoicing options

Lots of options – add logo, invoice header/text, tax classes, premiums, footers, and more

Calendar of Events/Auctions

Events can be added to multiple calendars – each with its own format

Powerful searches help find specific data

Seamless integration between calendar and event details

Scrolling calendars can be added to any web page

Photo Galleries

Create a thumbnail gallery by just loading images from your computer

Images are automatically resized

Captions can be added to the images

Bulk Mailer

Collect Email address on your website

Mass email notices to your email list and/or registered bidders

Send bulk mail to specific lists that you’ve collect online or from other sources.

Auction Archives

Optionally password protect price information

Include all auction results – both live and online

Multiple photos of each item can be retained

Store hundred and hundreds of auctions

Powerful searches help find specific data

After an auction/event is archived, clear out the workspace and it’s ready for the next new auction

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