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Maxanet Online Auction Software

Getting Your Auction Payments

Payments are the ultimate goal for any auction. Tightly integrated auction payments make it easier for your bidders to pay, and for you to reconcile, refund or defend chargebacks. We listened to your feedback and Maxanet Pay does all this and more!

Maxanet Benefits

  • One stop for ALL support questions, not 2-3 companies involved in your auction and payment processing platforms!
  • Improved PCI Compliance
  • Reduced Risk – Credit Card data will never touch Maxanet nor your servers when using Maxanet Pay by Fullsteam. (Hackers can’t steal card data that isn’t there!)

    Pricing & Fees Highlights

      • Improved pricing
      • 2.9% flat
      • $.20 per transaction ($.10 cheaper than Authorize)
      • $14.95 per month statement fee ($10 less than Authorize)
      • Gateway Fee – $0 ($25 less than Authorize)
      • Batch Fees – $0 ($.10 less than Authorize)
      • Setup Fee – $0 (normally $199)
      • Application Fee – $0

    Coming Soon!

    • MaxanetPay will be tightly integrated with both the current Maxanet and Maxanet Next.
    • Fully integrated reporting within Maxanet.
    • Improved chargeback support tools will be made available through the year, ultimately leading to a easy to access chargeback support package.
    • Reconciliation reports fully integrated from within Maxanet. You will know instantly which transactions are settled in each batch. (Initially available via MerchantTrack)
    • Support for ACH transactions – for larger transaction values and lower processing fees 

    Why Maxanet Pay?

    Our parent company, Fullsteam has worked in the payments processing business for years. We found a better solution to the problems found in existing payment processing options. You can apply for Maxanet Pay here.


    When you have a problem taking an online payment, who do you call? Do you call your software company or your credit card processor? When this is handled separately, finger-pointing occurs and the issue can be hard to troubleshoot. Meanwhile, you risk losing paying customers while waiting for an answer.

    With Maxanet Pay, you have one point of contact for software and payment processing. It’s simpler to resolve payment issues and easier to keep paying customers happy.

    Auction Payment Reconciliation

    Many online payment solutions make payment reconciliation a real hassle. You have to manually compare bank deposits with credit card statements and reconcile that against what the software says the sales were. This is time consuming, frustrating, and – to make things worse – these systems almost never match. Ignoring reconciliation is too costly, amounting to thousands and thousands of dollars in potential costs.

    With Maxanet Pay, there’s no more going to different systems to reconcile payments. All the credit card information is right there at the click of a button.

    Our objective is to use technology to permanently change the credit card processing industry, because customers deserve better. After using Maxanet Pay, you won’t ever want to go back to the “old way” of processing and reconciling payments. You’ll wish you used Maxanet Pay sooner.

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