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If you’re ready to begin using Maxanet to manage and bring your auctions online then just fill out the form. Our team will help get you up and running quickly so you can start creating auctions and selling items right away. You will get:

  • $300 one-time set-up fee billed within a week of receiving your software admin login credentials
  • $125 a month subscription billed 30-days after you close your first auction
  • No long-term contracts
  • Maxanet Pay credit card processing available: https://www.maxanet.com/maxpay/
  • White label cloud-based software
  • Maxanet software does not require an Auctioneer license. Refer to your specific state laws on license requirements.

See Why Auctioneers Choose Maxanet

We can’t say enough about how quickly Maxanet got us back in business after our online software provider went down. Within 24 hours, we were back in the business. Every step of the way, Maxanet’s customer support has been there to make sure our auctions run smoothly and close with no issues. And Maxanet Pay credit card processing has been easy to use and administrate.

Chris L.

I highly recommend Maxanet to companies of any size. It is reliable and saves time. Maxanet allowed us to solve many problems. The inventory management allowed us to add, update and remove items from the auction in real time.

Ted S.

I have been an Auctioneer for over 40 years and a Maxanet client for decades. The direct phone help and the present “Chat help” has been very good and the staff have been patient and responsive to my needs. It is an affordable and user-friendly system for all types of auctions and auctioneers. I look forward to continued upgrades to the platform to make it even better.

Mike C.

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