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It goes without saying that 2020 was a challenging year.

Many companies were forced to pivot, downsize, or even close their doors, and non-profit organizations have worked tirelessly to meet the growing needs of their communities.

The work of non-profits will only increase as we continue our slow yet steady march toward normalcy, and we are hearing incredible stories about creative ways for charitable groups to help folks get back on their feet.

One increasingly common example is online charity auctions. Like many other events, auctions have had to pivot to a virtual environment to keep people safe. These online auctions can raise significant amounts of money for important causes without the risk of gathering in person.

However, like all virtual events, online auctions create additional challenges for people who are unfamiliar with the necessary technology.

This is where you come in

Online charity auctions need experienced auctioneers like you to be successful and running them represents an opportunity for your online auction business to shine. Applying your expertise not only supports your community, but it also connects you with new clients, grows your reach.,

Besides that, it’s a great feeling to be and be part of something good.

Of course, the joy and meaning of contributing to a charitable cause is deeply rewarding on its own, and being able to afford such generosity is an incredible privilege. But getting involved in a charity auction offers a lot of additional benefits for your online auction business.

Charitable giving drives consumer decisions

A company’s charitable efforts are becoming increasingly important to consumers.

According to a recent study, “half (50%) of Americans say that they would switch to a company that supports a cause they believe in” (Mintel). This mindset is even more prevalent among Millennials and Gen Z-ers, who represent a larger percentage of decision-makers every year. Aligning your auction business with an important cause increases your appeal to customers who share your commitment to giving back. When they need an auctioneer, they will think of you.

Online charity auctions draw a large crowd

Being part of an online charity auction expands your reach and connects you to new people.

Charitable causes attract a wide variety of passionate, caring individuals. And because an online charity auction is virtual, the audience is not limited to those who would be willing to attend in person.

Each of these people has the potential to become one of your customers.

Spread the word about your online auction business

Successful online charity auctions make for excellent news stories.

After a year of challenging and frightening news, both reporters and their readers are hungry for positive stories about people coming together to make a difference.

It can be tempting to write off this kind of online charity auction activity as something separate from work. But in a way it’s also good business.

By supporting an online charity auction, you can be part of the story in your local community.

A reliable, streamlined online auction software can give you the tools you need to support online charity auctions for causes that are important to you and your business.

As an experienced auctioneer, you can help remove many of the stressful logistics and complicated details of online charity auctions and lift a weight from the shoulders of the volunteers and passionate people who make them happen.

Maxanet software offers customized auction website templates, streamlined payment reconciliation and collection, simplified item listings, and other valuable features.

Have you ever been the auctioneer for a charity auction? Tell us your story.

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