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Choosing the right online auction business platform is critical to your success. Here are a few important things to consider so you can make the right decision.

We’re continuing our series on business basics for online auctioneers with an overview on choosing an online platform. Your online platform is the central hub for your auction business, where your customers connect with you, learn about your services, and become your biggest supporters.

It’s important to choose a platform that meets the needs of both your business and your customers. Here are a few things to think about as you explore your options.

What does your online auction business need?

Think about all the challenges you’re facing right now and the features you want. Be as specific as possible. Maybe you want:

  • Easier payment integrations.
  • A faster way to list items for auction.
  • A mobile app so you can manage auctions on the go.
  • A website you can customize yourself without having to code anything.
  • More valuable, organized reports so you can get the data you need at the touch of a button.
  • Just one contact who can answer all your questions about your software, website, and payments.

Additionally, think about which tasks you prefer to do yourself and which tasks you prefer to automate. If you’re brand new to the world of online auctions, you might find yourself wanting more support.

Once you know exactly what you need, you can keep an eye out for a platform that checks all the boxes for you. Make sure you read over any features and integrations on a platform website so you understand exactly what they offer and whether it aligns with what you’re looking for.

What do your customers need?

Your customers hire you because they don’t know how to manage the details and proceedings of an auction. They’re counting on you to take on the important functions and ensure the success of their event. So you need a platform that will meet their needs as well.

Pay attention to what your customers like about your online auction business or which features they ask for. Don’t be afraid to ask them directly for feedback. Maybe they want more photos or an easier bidding interface or more payment options. Additionally, watch for trends in your specific niche or industry. Make note of what you observe and keep it in mind when choosing between platforms.

Think about your brand as a whole.

We’ve already talked about the importance and power of a strong brand. Your online platform should enhance your brand and expand your reach, not limit you.

Depending on your marketing strategy, you should look for a few specific features of an online platform:
A website and interface that you can customize with your own logo and brand.
Easy integration with your social media profiles.
No competing third-party logos that will outshine your own.

Is an online auction business platform worth the investment?

When you make a financial investment in your auction business, you should feel confident that the money you’re spending will improve your operations so you can grow. Take some time to think about how the features and functions of your platform might save you time and effort, and ask yourself whether you feel the price is fair.

Another tip: Pay close attention to the pricing structure. If it’s complicated, it can add up quickly, which leads to frustration for you and your clients. A simple, straightforward pricing model makes it much easier for you to plan your budget and forecast your business.

An online platform for your auction business can lead to exciting growth and development for you. Embrace the process as a meaningful step forward in your career as an online auctioneer.

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