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Auctions connect with charitable giving in a way that most industries and events cannot. You can embrace this relationship to support causes you care about and boost your online auction business growth simultaneously.

Connect with causes that matter deeply to you.

Fundraising is hard. There are so many worthy causes out there trying to get the public’s attention. It can be challenging for small charities to compete with national nonprofits with big development teams.

That’s where you come in. Auctions are exciting in a way that email and direct-mail fundraising campaigns are not. A well-executed auction can bring in an entire year’s worth of operating funds. You can run an auction that raises enough money for months of critical work.

When you run a fundraising auction, you’re attracting new people to the cause and creating a memorable experience. When it’s a cause that you care about, the benefits are even more remarkable. You have an efficient skill that can make a real difference to a nonprofit that matters to you. Not every professional has this power. Use it.

And if someone is new to charitable giving, an auction is a great entry point. Participants get a return on their generosity, whether it be an item or an experience. The nonprofit raises money for its mission. Everyone wins.

Also, successful auctions are bound to attract a little press coverage. The result is that your name is publicly associated with a good cause. People will be moved by your kindness and remember you when they need auction help in the future.

On the flip side, it’s essential to know your boundaries. Some causes may not align with your beliefs. It’s okay to say no if one of those groups approaches you. Just remember to be kind and respectful.

Find causes that your dream customers care about.

If you’re looking to impress a specific group of clients, find out what’s important to them. For example, maybe the president of a local car dealership is passionate about conservation. Or your dream real estate client is determined to improve literacy rates in your city.

When you make an effort to run auctions related to their most cherished causes, customers will see that you care about the same things. As a result, they’ll be more likely to want to work with you.

Once you connect with the right person, the possibilities are endless. Many high-profile people are involved in multiple boards or charities. If you do good work at one auction, that entire board will notice you. They may refer you to other groups they support. That network is never-ending. You just need to do a little research to tap into it.

Embrace the reach of online auctions.

Online auctions have a unique advantage: The geographic boundaries are virtually nonexistent. Attendance at an in-person auction is limited by how far people are willing to travel. Online auctions are accessible from anywhere.

That means you can extend the reach of important causes and connect with people all over the world. For example, if you’re passionate about wildlife sanctuaries, you can support them in Montana, Costa Rica, and Kenya. With your help, a niche nonprofit can build relationships with new donors in faraway cities.

Some nonprofits may not be familiar with how online auctions can help them. As an online auctioneer, you can extend fundraising capabilities in a meaningful way. Your skills as an online auctioneer can be the key to growing their reach and advancing their mission.

In an industry that directly supports fundraising, generosity should be part of your online auction business growth plan. The personal benefits alone of helping a cause you care about are considerable. And when people see your kindness in action, they’ll remember you and your company.

So make an impact, and watch your online auction business grow!

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